Asp.Net programmer and SEO – .Net are based on SEO friendly data to distribute a page

The accusing that Asp.Net has a lot of to use indication data it is to pull those who come out to be able to be used, very simple, very convenient, code quantity is very few also. Belong to such accusing like GridViews and DataGrids, but Javascript will realize these two accuse what the mechanism uses a cent page interactively with this page, the Url after distributing a page won’t have new change. Such word is not very friendly to SEO, because should search engine reptile (or become a spider) get this from your webpage when this join, click entering discovery is to belong to same page, will not type the result after distributing a page the work out result that searchs engine.

Will tell from SEO angle, page of this kind of cent demonstrates a method is chilly to searching engine reptile. My general is used here additionally one in the more friendly to searching engine method that distribute a page will replace the fraction that go up page method. We can use DataList or criterion Repeater accuses, will undertake distributing a page through PagedDataSource.

Will accuse with Repeater here will come true, why need not Where is DataList? The individual feels DataList although the function is powerful at Repeater, but DataList can have a few redundant code to appear when generating HTML code for example: Span, of Table and so on. And the construction that Repeater can allow us to control code more. The method that distributes a page is very much, big are searched on the net, we read code of my the function that distribute a page below.

It is quotative content below:
/ / / <summary>/ / / the function that distribute a page / / / </summary>/ / / <param Name=pagesStr> divides </param of page HTML text as output>/ / / </param of source of data of dividing line of <param Name=list> need>/ / / </param of <param Name=page> acquiescent page>/ / / </param of <param Name=path>URL address>/ / / distributinging data of <param Name=pagesize> paginal several </param>/ / / <returns> returns </returns of PagedDataSource data source>Public Static PagedDataSource Pds(out String PagesStr, IList List, string Page, string Path, int Pagesize) {PagedDataSource Pds = New PagedDataSource(); Pds.DataSource = List; Pds.AllowPaging = True; Pds.PageSize = Pagesize; PagesStr = ; Int CurPage = 0; If (page! = Null Page.ToString() ! = ) {CurPage = Int.Parse(page); } Else {CurPage = 0; } Pds.CurrentPageIndex = CurPage; Int Startpage = CurPage; Int PageNum = 5; Int J = 0; If (pds.PageCount – CurPage<PageNum) {Startpage = (pds.PageCount – CurPage) + (CurPage – PageNum)>0? (Pds.PageCount – CurPage) + (CurPage – PageNum) : 0; } If (! Pds.IsFirstPage) {PagesStr += <a Href=’ + Path + ? Page=0′ Class=’pagecode’><<</a>; PagesStr += <a Href=’ + Path + ? Page= + Convert.ToString(CurPage – 1) + ‘ Class=’pagecode’><</a>; } For (int I = Startpage; I<Pds.PageCount; I++) {If (pds.PageCount==1) Break; PagesStr += <a Href=’ + Path + ? Page= + I.ToString() + ‘; If (CurPage==I) {PagesStr += Class=’pagecodeActive'; } Else {PagesStr += Class=’pagecode'; } PagesStr +=>+ (I + 1).ToString() + </a>; J++; If (j==PageNum) Break; } If (! Pds.IsLastPage) {PagesStr += <a Href=’ + Path + ? Page= + Convert.ToString(CurPage + 1) + ‘ Class=’pagecode’>></a>; PagesStr += <a Href=’ + Path + ? Page= + Convert.ToString(pds.PageCount – 1) + ‘ Class=’pagecode’>>></a>; } PagesStr += always records number + List.Count + function is above Nbsp;; Return Pds; } #endregion, the page calls a share: String Page; If (Request.QueryString[page] ! = Null Request.QueryString[page].ToString() ! = ) Page = Request.QueryString[page].ToString(); Else Page = 0; String Pagestr; This.R_ModuleType.DataSource = Pagination.pds(out Pagestr, resourceSrv.GetAllResource() , page, request.CurrentExecutionFilePath.ToString() , 20); This.R_ModuleType.DataBind(); This.lb_total.Text = Pagestr; // can put a Div to put.aspx part <asp:R technicallyEpeater Runat=server ID=R_ModuleType><HeaderTemplate>Head code </HeaderTemplate><ItemTemplate>Content code </ItemTemplate><FooterTemplate></FooterTemplate of bottom code part></asp:REpeater><asp:LIteral ID= Lb_total Runat=server></asp:LIteral>CSS part / */ .pagecode of number of * cent page, .pagecodeActive{margin:02px; Padding:05px; Border:1Px Solid #ccc; Float:lEft; Text-align:cEnter; } .pagecode{Background-color:WHite;} .pagecodeActive{Background-color:#Fffccc;}

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