Arrive from lure by promise of gain intimidate, google is in all the time " teach " we

Understanding Google also has time of a few years, although not thorough, google comments on in also missing the key point from SEO nevertheless a variety of

Times of lure by promise of gain

The gutty and particular United States on Google body is temperamental, that is gent hegemony, be just like the president of an United States that pursues a big stick policy to say: We can talk things over, can sit on the table to discuss slowly, but there must be big stick-means of intimidation in the hand! , google often is thinking previously or hold out those who care about small head of a station, chase gradual change flavour now nevertheless

SEO develops as what search engine, also turned the network sale that has sexual price to compare most into means. Pay attention to SEO to must pay close attention to Google (ground is very much) , google ases if to also give outer part, gave out teaching material of a few stationmaster, for example URL does not take the parameter, Title that does not obscure catenary joint truth to wait a moment, really, talk by the heart, really some of means can affect user experience, but this is not important, important is the sort pattern with can cause Google to be not regular so.

Can the user notice URL form? (If the user can remember a domain name, engine did not need even the search! Engine did not need even the search!!

Can the user care about Titile? (we does not know the foreigner, chinese user won’t! )

Can be the user cared about conceal XXXXX? (because lose sight of)

See a magazine remember a Google engineer has said before: The website that the user likes, it is the website that Google reveals to everybody as far as possible! , remember the weight with very great to famous website Google at that time, so dependency of a few webpages also received very good rank not high (this effect has been weakened now very much! ) . Imagine this word now, I also associate to another unspoken words in a play left to the understanding of the audience or reader: The station that Google does not like, won’t show great master! Listen go up without what this is incorrect, but advocate call guest was not confused, leading role is Google, is not the user previously, google claims again and again: They very notice the user experiences!

Classics regular meeting hears Google previously such unspoken words in a play left to the understanding of the audience or reader: Such doing may raise a rank oh ah, talk nonsense! The algorithm of similar Google has XXX to plant element, the can be not affected to rank such conciliation by manual control demit that knows now appears cadaverous, faint.

Guest of gain of Google Chinese government just is a horn!

Official standing need not suspect, the stuff that I do not believe Google dare not carry the license of Google and high-key claim oneself are official gain guest, since be the government, what represent then is [Google China] sound, is not government of administrator of Chinese of Zhu Jianfei Google Bo Kegang debutted, got authority immediately (it is SEO for the most part) approbate, and very short time is collected by the SEO catalog place of Dmoz, see the rate of attention getting a person. Although,update slow, but the voice that heard Google from another flank.

How do we handle rubbish website to inform against? / the person that be aimed at a visit, be still aimed at search engine? / the link that is far from automatic generation

Everybody can see settle on face a few articles, mix the sound previously is different, the proposal previously, had been prohibited for public proclamation by the definition! Among them a lot of problems, feel unimaginably queer, for instance problem of link of automatic link, buying and selling is waited a moment. How to judge? Although Google admits to be able to issue examine and verify of classics pedestrian labour in particular case, but is dimensions? ?

China’s clever stationmaster brings many troubles to Google really, although SE is right SEO apparently do not care, even far from from mention, but psychology exercises authority so like Dou Heming lens public opinion this bolo is very effective really!

The head has a face, mention everybody can install SEO distain, a lot of portals and large trade website are in now SEOER, a lot of people think large website begins to notice and agree with the mark of SEO! If you are mixed in the news that browse,see element of webpage of a few large websites wait a moment actually, you can discover element of SEO of a lot of unessential! Cite a case only: Be everybody searchs in DMOZ or how many page does discovery have to be collected? Search again, see difference? If think carefully,resemble actually, why do a few words that we search always have the figure of sina, do not say with me this is coincidence! also is very strong faction, in the adversary that SEO respect is not sina apparently. Sina has been ranked in Baidu, Google, be not luck, pay attention to SEO however, although they are clear,express.

Said the gibberish of one pile, the meaning has each only, satisfying certain requirement, apply SEO to be able to increase rank, flow, it is OK factitious implementation, natural implementation is far apart in propping up ideal with search index, so SEO is abandoned to be certain by SE place. Is Google still in bear (didn’t hold back live? ) , the imagination also was erupting! Do not know and 2005 that dimensions how, good expect!

Google teachs stationmaster, make a station well, not cogged, google teachs SEO: You are a bit more careful!

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