Argument: The website does not need to search 7 ground that engine optimizes

Core clew: Do not have technical research to SEO, but see this article accidentally, the element that search engine optimizes is added when the task that realises he regards front as development still includes to undertaking website framework and page are built, roughly content broke up casually.

SEO should not be a kind of industry, should not be a kind of business, and should make a kind of standard. Google should release demonstrative documentation what to tell people after all to ability helps them obtain higher rank, make become a kind of consensus.

7 kinds of reason that do not need SEO are below:

1. need not undertake linking building

What what you need is the is willing to link enough and outstanding content that makes people automatic.

Ceaseless SPAM is not a kind of good choice, true TOP website did not use this kind of means.

2. does not need other content to optimize

The website content that what you need is true just enough keeps a hand.

Perhaps your user found your website because of a large number of key word that are full of in your page, but same your jump out to lead also meet very tall, because do not have a person to want to continue to read rubbish content, content is because of your reader existence, because search engine, is not, the link that comes from an user will make your content correlation arrives engine.

3. does not need production of virus form content

What what you need is one reads those who cross Seth Godin " Purple Cow " sale director.

This book can change you completely to hold the post of how even to managing a website the view of his business.

4. does not need additional interior to link an analysis

What what you need is the page stylist that can achieve your navigation structure immediately.

Beautiful money goes the navigation structure you from JS another into DIV+CSS turning waste, these jobs should be finished when the website designs construction.