Are the fall of PR and website content quality concerned?

The opportunity with accidental day visited next SEO lover, see a such articles: Are the fall of PR and website content quality concerned?

Saw the article that interviews assistant dean of academy of Google China project Mr. Liu Jun today, when the problem that mentions Chinese PR to drop generally, the answer of Mr Liu makes me very open-eyed, he says this problem reason is very much, duplicate for instance etc

Is PR value the link quantifies computational means? Although Google government explains more ambiguous, but the marrow that still pointed out PR links quality and amount namely. Did not mention cloud of website content quality completely

How be met and to how be met and lean on website content above? I think PR is calculated now means is not the PR mechanism that we understand a few years ago any more, on the problem that explains PR drops, we often are analyse from exterior link, the likelihood is the PR that links a website with exchange dropped to affect oneself secondhand.

We often complain, foreign PR often compares us tall, talk by the heart, the foreign country respects copyright quite really, duplicate not much, the word of Mr. Liu is apparent, chinese website PR is general small account is collected namely, duplicate. I think this is more authentic, because Google declares his PR algorithm is the whole world for many times,unite, won’t because of the ground different.

Gross of Chinese high grade website is actually less, also affected the PR of Chinese website on certain level, this also is one of very big factors.

If the answer of Mr. Liu does not have perfunctory word, probably this answer also explained why without what a few website is exterior link, also have the PR value of 34 however, problem of quality of content of website of what means appraisal be after all? Although I am not clear, additional nevertheless data probably can very good choose valuable webpage, does the rate that is the additional data page inside the website affect the quality discretion of website content directly? Actually Google can differentiate very easily website quality, but I did not think of to be able to be contacted together with PR really.

Since PR gets the influence of website quality, on the contrary, PR reacted on certain level website content quality, if this is true, so, no use talked popular now PR to be overthrown again. If my guess the word that is a fact, the thing of this flowery begins PR again was very popular

I am the change that notices PR these days, although my SEO rich guest still maintains,be in 4, but as we have learned, the PR of a lot of websites fell.

PR value and website content quality are concerned, in black dream not approve of this kind of view; I more apt is in reason end link quality, 2 PR value falls substantially may be the SEO catenary that GOOGLE answers Chinese insanity group a kind of politic result.

PR is the core rank algorithm before GOOGLE, since be algorithmic, individual understanding is a kind of logic, algorithm can be perfected ceaselessly, with ceaseless basis real need undertakes adjustment, but. . . Algorithmic jumping-off place won’t change, PR has patent; If say, GOOGLE pays attention to content quality more, adjust the proportion that ranks influencing factor, can control other rank element in order to use new algorithm then, for example: Nerve algorithm, have scientific filtration and judgement with content of many to the Internet of Chinese area repeatability, should not change applicable before PR algorithm.

That why does the PR of Chinese website drop generally? Does the reason where?

I consider as the dependency weight of the link to be promoted further, the link with every link derivative source will pass strict algorithmic inspection, to special link the source undertakes oversight, link pair of influences that search result quality in order to prevent many rubbish. Natural perhaps one-way link will gain more weight.