Are accent character and interfacial language right what effect does the search produce as a result?

When the keyword that contains accent character when search user input, our algorithmic language can consider to include and do not include the keyword of this stress-mark at the same time. For example, the user inputted México this word, and the webpage that the search that we return will include to contain México and Mexico as a result.

Contrary, if the user was inputted,accent character was not used when the keyword, and the spelling method of this word contains accent character possibly also, so the keyword that our algorithmic language can consider to contain at the same time or does not contain stress-mark. So, if the user inputted Mexico this word, we will return the webpage result that concerns with Mexico and México.

The interfacial language that searchs an user what is affected by meeting generation?

In this process, the interfacial language that searchs an user also brought into our consideration limits. For example, the regulation that uses to accent character as a result of all sorts of languages is endless and identical, because of,so accent character and the quits relation that are not accent character also are met of user interface language different and different.

Not only such, we think the file of as same as interfacial language language provides dependency more. If the interfacial language of search user is English, our algorithmic language assumes inquiry is give priority to with English, and the user hopes we can return English data.

It is quotative content below:
This that is to say, even if to identical search keyword, different interfacial language issues returned searchThe result is endless also and same. If the user chooses specific language only, so the ground that searchs a result to because the user is located,return a likelihoodNod and different (judge according to their IP address) . If the user has ordered the personalized search that made his, this can is opposite likewise the search produces an effect as a result.

The example below says the user of interface of clear use spanish searchs MexicoThe result that returns when.

Ask an attention, when interfacial language is spanish, although the keyword itself of the input is unaccentedCharacter, more results still contain accent character.

How to try to restrict to searching a result?

The search result that contains specific language version only to obtain (include or do not include accent character) , you can add on one in front of what retrieve a word + . For example, search + when Mexico, returned webpage lieutenant general contains Mexico only (and without México) . Contrary, search+ the webpage lieutenant general that returns when México is contained only
México and without Mexico. You perhaps can notice, some searches did not use the language version that you set it seems that as a result, but a copy for the record or for reproduction that the keyword of this language version appears in webpage content or webpageIn the character, and in the caption that did not appear in the result or description. (you can be versed in in providing, choose in stationmasterStatistical data > webpage analysis will examine the website photograph connective with you to carry character of layer a copy for the record or for reproduction on the head) . The example below expresses palpability to use+ the result that when Mexico is searched for the keyword, returns.