Apartment job marketing common method Daquan

apartment to do the job, I understand, first of all is to have a good product, followed by a variety of means to promote.
You can operate a good apartment reference site on graduating students hostel as a reference to see what services they can provide; start from the basis of accommodation, to others, such as providing jobs and employment counseling, etc., each step is orderly
the basis of inadequate facilities, others are vain, after all, it is to come to the residence of the student.
Additionally fire and emergency plans should also be made, safety first, remember, remember

Client Analysis: graduates looking for work

This is part of the group, with a dream to the ideal job in the city, we can provide a relatively inexpensive and safe houses to help them solve temporary difficulties, customers generally do not ask, as long as the following conditions are met can:
safe, cheap and clean.
In addition to facilitate job seekers will be more popular devices such as computers, printers, etc., the current number of job apartment recently posted information and recruitment specialist provide guidance on the interview is very worthwhile to promote.

The following are my lists some common methods of some apartments on job promotion, I hope for your inspiration.

a, free web promotion

1. Website seo (search engine optimization)

This section summarizes master too, I do not here no unnecessary, and my understanding is seo: the user first, which will help the search engine; do not cheat, do not build keyword; describe nature; clear internal and external connections,
architecture clear; content is king, to support the original (at least not completely copied)

2. league website promotion method

interchangeable advertising resources and job search apartments in different areas, and common development.
Alone will not get a hero, a man of energy and time and wisdom, after all, is too small, therefore, to know how to external borrowing.
Several owners joined together to reach its consensus.

3. blog / space Promotion

built himself a blog / space to promote, often write articles, to have content, do not look the ads.

4. forum to promote

Web site posting to related industries, pay attention to propriety, often hair will be blocked ip.

5.qq Group promotion

Crazy add qq group, to promote, to be able to bite the bullet, and can withstand kicks, but the effect is generally not recommended.

6. Answers website promotion method.

In some knowledge class, known websites, answer someone else’s problem.
Or question and answer, pay attention to propriety, not a daily website over five.

If some of the methods will not work for free.
As long as the right price, go out a can withdraw two, it might pay for promotion.
Willing to be willing, homes still do not go running back.

b. Paid online promotion

1, and recruitment will be held to cooperate

In the recruitment site to post apartment posters, price depending on the size of recruitment will be cost-effective in general, but also to the scene leaflets promotion.

2, and recruitment Partner

cooperation with a number of graduating students job sites, as job seekers are looking for graduates, which is part of the group is more concentrated, can form word of mouth publicity, the higher cost.
The country’s largest college students are graduating students job site job site.

3, with a collection of professional job apartment Partner

Such sites highly specialized and focused more stable source, while the site itself is to promote affordable, high cost.
But pay attention to choose a mature and operating norms sites to run, such as fresh raw Hostel (hotel.yingjiesheng.com), which joined the job has more than 400 apartments, is the largest job search apartment professional website.

4, in cooperation with the real estate websites

Although such sites have some traffic sources, but because of its user with a low degree of job short lease, and therefore the general price.

5. Search Engine PPC

At present job apartments, student apartments term popularity is not high, do PPC in Baidu, google in effect it is difficult to ensure cost-effective general.