Answer a search to rank algorithm to adjust firm nature to rank key word strategy

According to observation, baidu is in today second adjust on, not be little scope apparently adjust, because had affected major key word rank, the log is optimized in my key word in, nearly 100 key word show what exceed an in part almost to have the rank change of different level, and metabolic difference is very apparent, so I lock up definitive edition above all second Baidu is adjusted is not fine tuning, however grand attune.

I optimize a log to analyse in the light of key word below

Analytic website: One continuous line is wide make meeting service net

Website property: The industry is perpendicular B2B website

Operation director: Chen Jia sound

The main key word of the website: Wide hand in meeting

Study a target: Answer Baidu ranked algorithm to adjust on March 20, 2009, firm nature ranks key word strategy

This was on March 20 after adjusting, mix the contrast March 19:

Baidu weight key word is optimized on March 19 on March 20

Wide hand in meeting 17 56

Wide hand in can exhibit a 35 48

Wide hand in meeting time 3 4

Wide hand in meeting stall 22 41

2009 wide hand in meeting 15 24

Wide hand in meeting service 1 3

105 wide hand in meeting 15 27

Wide hand in meeting news 39 35

Wide hand in can dynamic 11 7

Wide hand in meeting information 2 2

Wide hand in 2 4 of meeting government news

Wide hand in 1 1 of meeting government trends

Wide hand in 6 6 of meeting government information

Wide hand in meeting information 2 2

Wide hand in conference report 0 92

Wide hand in meeting industry 40 24

Wide hand in meeting industry 42 11

Wide hand in meeting video 18 19

Among them rank of major key word shows apparent fall

Above all the key word that I discover to one group contains long end character is wide hand in meeting news and wide make meeting government news

These two key word drop the reason should be by news this key word is caused, baidu is in this kind of key word such as news, information, report more the main content of tendency column reachs the weight of the website. Optimize the weight that emphasizes a website more about this kind key word so, is not the quality of news.

Example proves:

Example one:

I am searched on Baidu wide make meeting government news


The first: Sina;

The 2nd: 21CN;

The 3rd: Mill

The 4th: It is our station

Can prove the value of website weight from this example, be in equal below key word combination, the advantage of website weight is very clear.

Example 2:

I am searched in Baidu wide make meeting news


The first: It is the individual BOLG page 2006, the article inside was written 2006, but of Baidu collect time to be 2009-3-2, this weight that proved a website already the content importance of page of prep above result.

Our website rank is in 35, the 1-34 before all relying on I am analysed one by one, major news is very old here, some also appeared 2001, and be to combine key word to come out a bit, not be a complete key word also went on the platoon, the content of this caboodle website is very confused, seem to seek the collective site that is less than them, but what I discover a bit website is famous degree it is over our website, this is the inequitable place of weight of Baidu preference website, this website is famous the content quality that spends far outclass website and essence allow to spend.

Besides, the key word that a few ranks rise is wide hand in industry, can wide hand in industry, can wide hand in meeting trends.

A few what kind of webpages is these 3 key word appear in Baidu?

These 3 key word appear before leaning what be famous degree of tall website, and still having a few is very small very small website, discharge even in second it is the does not have webpage caption static state page that collected a piece 1999 just, this search result that does not accord with an user completely to search an experience appears on Baidu unexpectedly, this is the error of Baidu, this exists really, the in searching a result metropolis that is in for many times because of me appears a few relevant but the very old webpage that optimizes without the course, these pages are the page of a few BOLG commonly, still having a few is article indication page, when these pages are collected by Baidu because key word it doesn’t matter competes at that time, a very natural place before lean, and click through the search that accumulates for years, be considered as very valuable page by Baidu (because the search arrives and often click) , holding all the time so, and tall without weight website goes surmounting it, this is the error of Baidu, this respect does not have method to optimize temporarily, can await Baidu to perfect search result only.

And these 3 key word rise suddenly in be adjusted this change, will we be analysed why?

Because of this circumstance just the first day, do not know tomorrow Baidu can readjust comes over, my estimation meets, so this attributes the change in the error, these 3 key word I am optimize very good, the rank is stabilized step by step in rising, what just rise this is very abrupt, the rank it doesn’t matter that dispute rises below normal condition is very glad, I had reckonned two days are returned former go up!

Look again wide hand in meeting this key word and wide hand in can exhibit, wide hand in meeting stall

These are the popular key word that contest price spreads inside the industry, and our website also is discharged all the time originally in the head 3 made promotion, the investment that because natural rank optimizes effect ideal,reduced Baidu contest price a few days ago (decrease key word and) of rank contest price, appeared even natural rank to affect then, this phenomenon has put forward in the somebody in a lot of media and forum, say not to do Baidu to popularize even, in case cancel promotion, catenary nature rank can be affected, actually this view is wrong, baidu is done not have such, but at the same time this view is existence, why? Contradictory? I analyse:

A lot of websites have statistical backstage supporter, we often analyse the origin that examines IP from the antecedents of statistical tiring-room, and a lot of websites depend on the page of origin the search of Baidu clicks origin, and it is same that the ranks with nature origin of promotion shows, besides ourselves statistic, baidu also made count, and entered numerical value is clicked after Baidu also calculates this statistic into a website to be searched in Baidu, this numerical value also is in the computation of our natural rank, after can appearing to make contest price when us so, baidu origin is much, natural rank also follows on, do not make contest price, natural rank also drops (but differ to fall at falling certainly, it is partial key word only just) , what affect actually is not natural rank, just affected Baidu to rank algorithm inside among them one part, it is this part the natural rank that affecting us, just give now to fall so, is not to disappear.

How to solve the fall problem below the rank?

The key depends on a website clicking entered IP to measure through Baidu, this is the process of a cause and effect, before because did not have contest price,the rank leans, the IP that comes so is little, implicative and natural rank drops, if we want to abandon contest price ranking really, have to optimize much dot key word so from other way, let a website click entered IP to measure promotion through Baidu, also can make the natural rank of Baidu rises so, of course, contest price is best the directest choice, have to spend money nevertheless, this action is the strategy with very acridity Baidu.

Answer a plan to analyse: Add long end key word, the boat is small catch small fish first, the ship became large good catch big fish!

Adjust substantival strategy

Adjust this may improve in the light of noun and measure word, a few new names join the change that reachs lexical combination and weight to move whole metropolis to have very big effect to the rank of the website, we can deny a consideration temporary substantival consolidate.

For instance: Wide hand in meeting information and wide deliver meeting government information

In wide hand in meeting in this key word our website from 17 drop 56, this is very serious, but the rank after adding information and official information is very stable, did not suffer an effect, although these two groups of key word are completely different meaning, but if I am in wide hand in meeting information to be added wide pay meeting government information and wide deliver information of meeting government news such key word will be more firm, but this is provisionality, wait for a website discharge and famous degree increase, we also can decrease solid key word slowly.