Analytic snapshot answers archives to see Baidu K stand 3 reason and rank drop

These days the station of a lot of friends is different the snapshot of degree answers archives, some is direct even by the one page of K not remnant, the way station that includes myself 114 belles also cannot escape by sheer luck, sought advice then a personage knows inside a lot of course of study, summed up following reasons.

The 3 big reason that 1. Baidu K stands:

A. Your server cannot visit; normally when moment spider comes

B. Your website installed Robots.txt; wrongly

C. Your website is discovered to use ill will optimize a technology, ;

2. keyword ranks the 4 big culprits that drop:

A. Optimize excessive [contain keyword load one’s writing with fancy phrases, the catenary outside keyword density inadequacy is cogged wait for a lot of respect] ;

B. The algorithm of Baidu produced major change;

C. Your station is contained be allowed before, forbidden now optimize elemental;

D. Your station was included by the undesirable vocabulary of Baidu screen

E. Your station put in overmuch play a window compulsively.

(114 belles: )