Analytic SEO serves means of quality stand or fall

Go up piece " Seo you more the thing that wants understanding " , main target is the friend that regards SEO as operation study, what write tonight basically is how to be analysed capable SEO serves a provider, the article admires individual viewpoint on behalf of A only, differ to be in forgive requesting an audience sufficiently, welcome everybody and me to communicate jointly.

As the SEO attention in industry, more and more people know the value that optimizes to search engine, certain Internet enterprise because without his SEO group the odd form outside be being passed only asks technical staff to optimize, but the SEO group that Nai has actual strength truly at often choosing not greatly to the understanding of SEO to be less than, on the net so we often see such-and-such optimizing a company is cheater, after normaller site is optimized via some company, be searched to bring the topic that props up cleared index and so on originally.

The site how that SEO offers to optimize a service on the net is much, how to defend oneself the company that has actual strength truly, it is a tickler. A admires the SEO service with Guangzhou area to be a view that tells about his below.

1. Identify true body

What SEO serves is offer to have a lot of on the network, major it is individual or atelier. Above all we must find out a site to whether belong to its all, embezzle otherwise the site with other good quality pretends to be saying is him also is possible.

2. Website keyword inquiry, outside catenary analysis

Since can provide SEO service, the technology is good had tried to know, take () Seo of keyword " Guangzhou optimizes the first site in Baidu is medium caption keyword for " is analytic object, look up whether is there good rank in each search engine, this is the proof of actual strength. Inquire the catenary outside falling even besides, in the input in Yahoo search: Link: ? Does a pavilion or house on a terrace grant lip of exacting of bed putting in order to mail ⒌ of bold of the raw meat or fish that owe Ti to take  of male form of channel of  of a kind of net used for fishing or for dredging up river sludge of condyle of graceful of  of Tao of K castrate of spay?

3. Website content is analysed

Examine website content analysis to whether use a keyword load one’s writing with fancy phrases, invisible text optimize a method, we can examine relevant content through examining source file way.

4. Examine analytic website case

The site that a lot of SEO serve provides case. Case also needs to examine Whois really, the analysis that has keyword rank, exterior link, content to this case still concerns the difficulty of key word to spend an analysis easily at the same time, a keyword has the data bulk of 100 pages only in Baidu, the statement that disputes unexpectedly without what person such case is to be able to ‘t make a person of be convinced.

5. Acceptance is spent a few money can hold a rank for long

Searching engine to optimize is a weighty work, no matter be,need accumulates optimize a keyword or safeguard a keyword to rank for long, so on the price very cannot low, if 9 most propbably that money can accomplish are,driving group of hair machines. So we go up in the price and should accept or reject somewhat on quality, also do not give a person flicker at the same time.

Above is pure belong to individual utterance not to represent expert point of view

Author: A is admired