Analyse 8 views that give newlier greatly in the light of this Baidu

Be aimed at this Baidu to be updated greatly, analyse analytic a few view.

Follow to go as Baidu every day, see this oneself look with half-dead website, also do not know how many stationmaster does it gaunt or dim. Day turns the star moves, longed to come at long last of Baidu update this greatly, I analysed the search case of on at hand a few stations, did some of analysis.

A lot of people are talking, be being updated this is algorithm changed again, still be united in wedlock together with present fact even, extend time for instance, for instance rainbow incident, affect even financial crisis, actually, from us stationmaster angle sets out, these, it is some of edge horn information only, go considering to pay close attention to these, without any meanings.

The letter that writes stationmaster like this Baidu is same, important, still set out from user angle, nevertheless hidden meaning still is, it is indispensable that SEO is optimized. If you feel to say to just consider an user to experience, and do not go doing any optimizing, feel discharge will be natural tall, your result has only, suffer in await, die in suffer. Belong to namely before me among them, not bad I overtook last bus later.

With respect to the search from net of a few my free novels data is analysed, I arrange a the following to share with everybody:

1, the effect is not big range is big

The effect that updates this is not big, not apparent also, but range is very big, keep the station of home page only before more very much, also increase collect. Estimation is the first only.

2, the time of Baidu snapshot stays in for the most part 11.25 the left and right sides

Namely last week, this is a common phenomenon, from me station of a few novels is analysed, no matter your flow is large small still, it is at ordinary times snapshot updates every day, also a lot of stations stay in 25 days, the stationmaster that encounters this kind of situation so also need not anxious, the station that continues to update you can.

3, discover a lot of station home page is fallen to counterpoise

Knowing is exterior phenomenon or algorithm adjust bring about without perfect place, I think this also is kind of test, it is large-scale common phenomenon, so each stationmaster also need not anxious, what SEO needs most is patient.

4. is brand-new structural website, collect very tall, weight is tall also

My novel him station modifies a structure, the line is less than half month on, encounter this to update, word collects 1000 much pages, divine grave Txt, of and so on of escape of celestial being of rabbi legend Txt discharge in the first page, discharge is jumped continuously 3000. This is not now and then, this is optimized with yours relative, if your whats were moved, that estimation has only when waiting for you to daydream, you also can encounter this kind of situation.

5, advocate keyword float is big

Of a few stations advocate the keyword was dropped, do not affect flow nevertheless, I was analysed a few times this is planted before circumstance, it is temporary only, because the weight of a lot of homepages is reduced now, snapshot goes backwards. Need not worry nevertheless, probably after two days, can return to normal, but this moment, the homepage must not be done revise substantially, ten million ten million, otherwise you fly flow to fall continuously.

6, Baidu begins and you play hide-and-seek

For example you optimize network novel this word, but in Baidu weight, it is other keywords instead dash forward come out, and bring discharge is least on 1000, this also is not accidental, I have 3 websites to encounter this kind of situation at the same time. The common feature of these websites is, they are passed optimize appropriately, and be in what Baidu updates greatly before 10 days or so.

7, Baidu algorithm begins apt random sex

This random sex is not to say your whats are done, waiting for the sky to drop defect cake. Say however, in the light of have has optimized station, baidu can choose a few keywords randomly, and give very high rank. For example I have two stations, besides advocate the keyword was done optimize the catenary outside mixing etc, other child the page had not been moved, also had not done any inside catenary and outside catenary, had not sent even ad, but after this Baidu is updated greatly, gave me the rank with a few very high keywords actually. Opportunity, hold commonly in the hand that has preparation.

8, the importance that Baidu begins the catenary outside reducing

Still did not change this algorithm newlier this, same a keyword, inside Google, the catenary outside passing undertakes aggrandizement, the rise of the rank can see inside a day, the rank change of Google is very big, one day can produce a lot of kinds of change, but inside Baidu, calculate your keyword to discharge the 2nd page, the aggrandizement of your mission it, it also is mixed the dog that encounters a belle is same, holding ham in the arms to be not moved namely to death. Look, baidu more the integral weight that those who care is a website. (