Allow the action with larger SEO

A lot of people say SEO is cogged, also a lot of SEO should do an omnipotent tool to look, actually the job of SEO after all how qualitative, really very it’s hard to say, but the biggest effect of website SEO or integrated resource, produce integral advantage.

Right with traditional industry for, the effect of SEO is very big one part reflects the rank in the website above, no matter be Gu Ge, baidu or Yahoo, hold advantageous platoon

Buy of fame and position just can have the opportunity of more exposure, author place contacts mostly in SEO case, this kind of circumstance belongs to great majority, also be the main service means of company of a lot of SEO. But from the domestic electron business affairs that shows level development looks, of network bill clinch a deal the dreariness with really low rate, general 10% already special pretty good, the action of apparent SEO did not develop acme here.

SEO action can be developed the biggest still is news service kind website, if offer the industry website that B2b information serves, and action business joins in kind website, hui Cong net, 28 action business joins in net. Because the changeover dot of this kind of website depends on discharge, discharge rises greatly website nature is met fire rises, the main purpose of the user website that browse is to obtain information, and SEO most still create flow what be good at.

Have the clear confine that realises SEO is optimized and advantage only, gift is the greatest the extracts SEO value of degree, the service that makes it better and society each industries.