All-around website of stereo type construction needs to undertake rectifying standing optimizing

Core clew: Whole station is optimized alling alone to search is an indispensable link for engine sale, whether can have done whole station to optimize a relation to wear the stand or fall of the effect of website search sale, and search engine sale SEM be a more important to network sale, close correlation is between them.

Whole station is optimized

It is the authoritative site that an engine becomes to think in showing through SEO the technology makes its website is among search engine, when achieving the result, it is OK that the random of this website distributes a page contention undertakes in searching engine key word. (The effect: Assume this is site of an industry property, in finish what use this one website very likely to hijack an industry is all after an outstanding whole station is optimized match key word (it is OK to be included among them the random of have visions of grows end key word to wait) a moment. Whole station optimizes the rank that can not assure a certain key word to promote, good whole station optimizes the is search engine sale merely result that can assure.

Search engine is optimized (whole station is optimized) main component is the technology

The structure inside 1) station is optimized.

2) searchs grade to optimize.

The structure inside the station optimizes: Webpage interior is optimized, try website program is revised, integral link adjusts website interior, user experience is spent optimize, cartography of program of administrative levels of website catalog structure, website.

Search grade optimizes: Execute to domain name of website first selection many, of high quality, the exterior link with strong specific aim increases, website home page is not contended for any key word, mere save website brand name.

Whole station optimizes the condition that place of program of the website when carrying out accords with

The function that 1) website can realize tiring-room trends to make static page (the program can be Asp, Php, Jsp wait, at present Php is optimal)

The caption Title of page of 2) static state can the not identical, optimal Title that makes static page is the Title that backstage has each setting, pages: .

3) makes the page uses Div+Css structural frame as far as possible, and Css is outside clarity of code of buy language bag, page is fluent the rate of the compact, quality that reduces a webpage, the download that browse that enhances a webpage.

4) website has suitable catalog structure, for example final page>Special subject>Column>Channel>Home page, and can coordinate website catalog file set decrease, exemple: / channel / column / special subject / final page

5) basis if website property has need, use have contain Html, Xml the website map of two kinds of formats, spider program that offers engine (Spider) crawl is collected.

The pattern plate that 6) website includes each catalog pages, and ticket of Tags key word is involved in program page function, use Baconian and relevant article, use at nicer promotional and in-house link.

7) website must have enough content, enough page, enough engine to collect an amount (make an appointment with commonly 10 thousand – hundred differ)

Whole station optimizes the key word when carrying out to allocate strategy

Catalog structure: Final page – special subject – column – channel – website home page

Differentiate according to catalog structure key word:

Final page: Grow end key word as far as possible

Special subject page: Relative to popular key word

Column page: Fixed popular key word

Channel page: Core is popular key word

Home page face: Website brand, name (do not include key word, be restricted only the rank of website brand) (