All alone engine optimizes search to stick everyday: The keyword layout of the website

Somebody asks a keyword the distribution question in whole website. Also had written what card introduction crosses many keywords to optimize a problem before, a few again compensatory today.

Say simply, many keywords need equitable distribution in the website, the most difficult arrangement is in home page, the arrangement of medium difficulty is in column page, an arrangement of long end property in article page or product page.

Still need to notice the following.

The first, must do keyword research first

Do not understand an user searching what keyword, do not talk to go up equitable keyword distribution. The word that I had seen keyword of target of home page of website of too much company is assume sth as a matter of course of website design personnel or company name, it is some meet far from the word that somebody searchs.

Undertake thorough keyword studies, besides avoid the mainest keyword to choose gross error, also conduce to all keyword arrangement in different channel page. The mainest keyword is that 2-3 with search maximum amount normally, is search number small of first-class class what is there? Does the meaning otherness between these words have how old? Whether should arrange independent channel? What word can incorporate in a channel? The keyword that this kinds of how many moderate rate there is needs to arrange? Whether can the integral framework of the website satisfy these keywords? Is too little, can’t make website framework enough and plump? Etc.

These problems must undertake thorough keyword studies, ability gets the result quite, relying on his to want want not to come out.

The 2nd, appropriate evaluate home page keyword

When doing a website, major person can feel to look demarcate is in that word result with the worst job of one’s own profession is best, search time is much, the flow that come is constant big. In SEO for instance the industry decides the goal in SEO or search engine is optimized on.

To some enterprises website, this also is have to thing, because company product name is early,secure, before occurrence Internet so cry, cannot change. But have a few information kind, portal kind, socialization media and individual website, the theme of attention and keyword are actually but can small, see you how decide.

Decided home page keyword, so channel page keyword decided accordingly. And is home page keyword after all should put the end in SEO? Be still Beijing SEO? Be still Beijing on the west SEO of the city zone? This need considers at least 3 factors:

1) searchs a frequency.

2) competitor (have an advanced face website) actual strength.

The time of the expenditure that him 3) is willing, money, manpower.

A lot of moment must not decide the goal on the most difficult keyword, be opposite especially for new website. What difficulty decides is too tall, had not achieved the word of the target 3 two years, be afraid stationmaster does not hold to.