All alone engine optimizes search to not be equal to search engine sale

Stepping sufficient search engine to optimize (SEO) since this domain, always see more and more SEOer are so-called search engine sale (SEM) expert, more unusual is to profess network sale expert, above all astral arrow does not deny SEO is a kind of search engine sale also is network sale important way, and very glad search indexes prop up sale team expand, but ask SEOer to be in before professing to search engine sale, the proposal makes sale of engine of all alone knowing search first is what thing, not be SEO search engine sale namely, sale of network of prep let alone, because search engine,be optimized and not be equal to search engine sale.

Will what see first is search engine sale.
Search engine sale (Search Engine Marketing) , abbreviation SEM, a kind be network sale. Use the means that searchs engine according to the user namely, the opportunity that uses user retrieval information props up returned result through search index, pass sale information target user as far as possible, will obtain better sale to perhaps spread the effect with this.

Search engine sale basically is optimized by search engine and pay cost to search engine advertisement to form. Search engine is optimized can fractionize is interior of classified catalog, website to optimize, link construction, among them classification catalog also can calculate a kind when make link construction actually, but classified catalog still has the sense besides a link; Advertisement of engine of search paying fee is OK fractionize pays cost to search engine advertisement, Gu Ge to pay cost search engine advertisement, Yahoo for Baidu search paying fee is engine advertisement, other pay fee. Next graphs are search engine sale make a plan:

Search engine optimizes most propbably to need not say, what should say here is advertisement of engine of search paying fee, great majority of promotion of engine of search paying fee is PPC (Pay-Per-Click) form, press namely pay Fei Yi or clicking is to press the effect to pay fee. Advertisement of PPC search engine is to press the advertisement hits that happens actually to pay advertisement fee, for example rank of rank of Baidu contest price, price of contest of Google Adwords, Yahoo. Of course besides PPC, also have do not press click a frequency to collect fees secure a bag however year or be to wrap a month to collect fees, for example Baidu is hot region.

Advertisement of engine of search paying fee and SEO have to be nodded jointly, rank can constant generation wave motion, paying engine of all alone that expend search advertisement is not keyword unit price can discharge advanced face high, for example Google Adwords, the keyword rank of Google Adwords and unit price are with reveal frequency and click a time relevant. For example, if show a number tall and click a time little, so monovalent meet when the river rises the boat goes up too. So we need pair of keywords reveal undertake designing an analysis, dog to reveal and be clicked the effect and change rate, undertake be optimizinged further, how raising user hit to lower unit price is a not small topic. If hits drops and devoted capital is increasing however, so even if the boss does not fry your squid, you also are not a competent person that search engine sale.

Search engine sale should know search engine to optimize with search paying fee engine advertising is united in wedlock, because search engine to optimize,bring with search paying fee propping up advertisement is not perfect, both needs to be united in wedlock. The keyword that the keyword rank that the constant change that searchs engine algorithm causes drops and cannot get a rank at all partly needs to pay cost to search engine advertising to complement; High investment of advertising of engine of search paying fee also needs to search what engine optimizes to intervene search the cost of engine sale in order to reduce.

Each SEO that has deep love for search engine sale people, optimize besides search engine, how much to cope with cost to search engine advertisement to understand? How much does advertisement of engine of search paying fee, Gu Ge pay cost to search engine advertisement, Yahoo to pay cost to search advertisement of engine of engine advertisement, other search paying fee to understand again to Baidu? Cope with those who expend a keyword to optimize how much to know again?

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