All alone engine optimizes search to need to have what quality from personnel of course of study

All the time since, I always think all alone engine optimizes a lot of search of home to appear to optimize search engine from personnel of course of study look too simply, this idea may have owe reliable, but it is me really at present the actualest feeling. In their eye, the keyword of the code source label that the core that SEO works is willing to be put in the webpage more piles up and exterior link exchanges the website on. If be really such, that search engine optimizes the job also is not difficult, a lot of people can be participated in plan and specific implement project of a Seo.

But actually, be not such!

How am I on search engine to optimize this road? The likelihood is the reason of the experience as a result of me, so the choice is engaged in searching engine to optimize the job is the thing of success will come when conditions are ripe it seems that.

2002, I began to contact a webpage to make, the control that strong interest makes me very fast this skill. Be in subsequently in doing specific project process to others, I learned how to make website plan slowly. 2002~2003 year, the business that I do in these two years undertakes website plan and webpage make namely, ceaseless actual combat exercises the website that lets me to build experience to increase a lot of.

2004, I contacted search engine to optimize this kind of technology, saw a friend blend in a search to engine optimizes technical hind and be obtained in a his small website at that time everyday the discharge of the independent Ip of 3000~5000, let me see a technology that has market potential very much through this thing, if add this kind of technology in commercial website, that will produce very great value, then I devote into the research that optimizes a technology at searching engine.

And be in 4 years of second half of the year, I left university and a few friends to choose to go to ZhongGuanCun doing poineering work, partnership opened everybody company of network of a diminutive. In this year, it is me a year when have results most. For cost of better managing company operation, a few people of the company must have integrated ability quality, that is a person can undertake a project alone. Then, I taught oneself management of relationship of market sale, client and business affairs writing to wait, did not think of these ability can let the with might doubled when I am doing search engine to optimize a project really at that time.

Then, I summed up search engine to optimize personnel to need had a few quality according to my individual experience, offer reference only of course. If have me more as far as possible,the following quality of place enumerate will let search engine to optimize personnel to have competitive advantage more.

Search engine optimizes from quality of foundation of personnel of course of study:

1, have a webpage to make technical ability

2, mechanism of order of familiar search engine

3, search engine optimizes specific executive ability

4, data analyses ability, how is such as optimized certainly keyword and extend keyword and analysis of website operation data

5, the development that pays close attention to search engine, understand its newest tendercy

6, communicate ability, understand client requirement, get more information

All alone engine optimizes search to extend quality from personnel of course of study:

1, Internet user visit and website of search behavior research should most be based on user design first, let an user gain cheerful visit experience, just carry out search engine to optimize a plan next.

2, a professional search engine optimizes ability of business affairs writing the Copywriter that personnel also should be a major at the same time, character of page of fourdrinier wire of arrogate to oneself is editorial Seo personnel is to won’t appear the behavior that the keyword piles up, in can be being described instead, decorate reasonably as far as possible much keyword.

3, understanding market sale understood market sale only, the clear website with can deeper ability the meaning to the enterprise, the operation pattern that knows how to let a website be had for the enterprise thereby is offerred auxiliary. Of course, understood market sale gift to understand a brand only the importance to the enterprise, can pass a website actively to begin public relations of image of intranet sth resembling a net actively thereby.

4, master a few languages more, had better be the situation that the skill that masters English adroitly to let his can get used to internationalization to develop.

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