Alexa ranked a system to undertake perfect switch

The adjustment that the user that pays close attention to Alexa rank feels Alexa of nearly a few months for certain strength is all-time, announce from Alexa government changed on April 16 had not stopped to adjust almost since new system, what data began to be as long as 6 days is update to adjust only after the line on new system, alexa ranks data integratedly is to stop to update more be as long as 25 days, began to stop data to update from May 19, 2008 again after that, begin to update afternoon till June 3, apparently the data that views Alexa is updated not seasonable, but adjust idealer to ranking a system to be done switch what we discover Alexa passes these 3 months of deep administrative levels considerably.

Believe the announcement remain fresh in one’s memory that everybody released on April 16 to Alexa, main means says content: More netizens do not use Alexa toolbar, the sampling that brings about toolbar of only basis Alexa thereby undertakes analytic going out showinged very big error to the website, other data source is used in new system lieutenant general, will make up for the limitation of Alexa toolbar sampling, make new rank system reflects the online habit of more extensive crowd better thereby.

The frequent adjustment of nearly 3 months because Alexa considers the real case of more true reaction Internet,I think also is, but the data as a result of network world is too voluminous, a lot of problems appeared after bringing about systematic switch, alexa needs time to have repair to these problems, from below two kinds of one websites the rank of nearly a few months changes we can see the systematic switch of Alexa or special ideal:

With home 3 big websites are Baidu of 3 big websites, Tecent, sina common netizen user of the representing

Choose 3 big websites to undertake contrast, because their rank photograph contrast is smoother,be, especially Baidu, the reaction with the wave quite very good kinetic energy of the rank gives Alexa adjust an intent.

to common netizen stationmaster group is scale of use Alexa toolbar is top, a literary works that website of Alexa whole world ranks the first lab before had elaborated these two kinds of websites between the installation amount difference of user Alexa toolbar is as high as 40 actually times, stationmaster kind the change of near future of site Alexa rank can react very well an Alexa is right the dependence of the toolbar degree, two kinds of websites look to rank check scheme below:

We basically are a specification with Baidu, everybody can see Baidu ranks the arrowhead in graph 1 indicating position, the change that after Alexa enabled new rank system on April 16, produces just about, baidu rank wave motion comparatives very small, but rise quickly in the rank after new system is enabled, a position to before is quited again later, namely arrowhead 2 indicating positions, did not begin for long to drop at high speed too much, arrowhead 3 indicating area, begin to pick up steadily later the position after the line on new system, namely arrowhead the position of 4, and curve of change of 3 big websites is basic and identical, the specification is not the problem of website itself discharge, only the rank system of Alexa adjusts ability to bring about most website to appear fluctuate identically.

If see the success that everybody still does not see this kind of website give Alexa system switch only, see when everybody below stationmaster kind after the rank of the website changes, estimation result need not I said, apparent:

Similar authority can see this kind of website also experienced identical adjustment level, what what differ is, rank of this kind of website did not go up like other website, go low stage by stage however, the effect that this shows to the toolbar is ranked to Alexa is less and less, website of Alexa whole world ranks of the first lab and you to pay close attention to the every time of Alexa to change jointly, share analytic result and everybody.

Add: New on April 16 system enables website of around Alexa Chinese circumstance of change of 10 strong ranks:

Alexa Chinese website 10 strong ranks (after adjusting)

1 Baidu 13

2 Tecent 16

3 sina 24

4 Gu Ge 33

5 Netease 49

The 6 54 that clean out treasure 65 of 7 actor cruel

8 Sohu 71

9 I am happy 78 89 of 10 China Yahoo

Alexa Chinese website 10 strong ranks (before adjusting)

1 Baidu 19

2 Tecent 38

3 sina 61 77 of 4 actor cruel

5 78

The 6 85 that clean out treasure

7 Gu Ge 87

8 Netease 108

9 cruel 6 109

6 10 rooms 123