Affect the issue of a few detail of website reliability

The element performance that affects website reliability is in many respects, from big field for, for instance website / of the enterprise famous degree, the function of the website and service, as a child for the respect, problem of a lot of detail can affect the confidence of the user more or less, if introduce information of too simple, product, connection information to the enterprise not quite comprehensive, use free mailbox, information too dated etc. Below enumerate the common a few issues that affect website reliability possibly, if you compare a care to the reliability of own website, might as well look to whether exist to attending certain the place that is necessary to improve:

(1) the website is basic information is not complete: In the website about there is sign of very few number only in us, perhaps talk about oneself management concept only, the problem that the user such as the product that avoids talking a company, actual strength and credit cares;

(2) product introduction is too brief: The user cannot judge a product from which valuable to oneself, affect not only buy decision-making, worry about the problem of the respect such as product warranty possibly even;

(3) protect statement without clear individual message: When the user is registered requirement user fills in too detailed individual information, involve the sensitive information such as address of Id number, family and telephone number especially, and how will ambiguous specification website use these information and whether to keep secret to user individual information;

(4) did not secure connection means: Contacting in the website perhaps is a Mailto only in information: link, the user clicks connection do not take care to play the order that gives an Outlook Express when our menu, without firm address, did not secure a phone, these trustful degree to the user will produce very big effect;

(5) use free mailbox: Free mailbox is used on website of a few commerce, affect website figure not only, also created undesirable impression to the user one uses even professional post office the website that does not rise to be able to let an user produce trust how;

(6) website message is long do not update: If the user will to information of a supply and demand release website home page (or the company news page of enterprise website) , before discovering 2 years to newest information still is, hard to avoid can arise to whether return the concern that somebody defends to this website;

(7) webpage tally divulge a secret: Website visit amount is small it is the problem with a lot of common websites, this did not concern directly with website reliability originally, but if a tally is put below website home page, remind an user to begin from September 2001, you are Xxx (perhaps have 3 digit only) the person that visit, that oneself tells an user my website does not have a few individual visits actually namely, of value of website it doesn’t matter;

(8) the influence of payment: If chamberlain information is individual deposit account completely, how does hope user believe you are a company that runs legally?

The problem of such still may have a lot of, do not look down upon these problems, to large and famous website, people to get valuable information and service, often can ignore a few inessential detail issues (large website normally nonexistent also above enumerated problem) , and to many and famous spending is not very tall website for, any detail issue means the potential user that will lose you possibly.