Affect 9 factors that SEO fixes a price

The market of SEO has matured gradually rose, the price system that answers relatively to it had his price level basically also. And there often can be a client to undertake inquiring into the root of the matter with respect to price issue when negotiating with the client, a few factors that will affect SEO price here today say; simply

Generally speaking gets rid of outside factitious element, basically element of the following nine affects the price of SEO:

1.See this key word the circumstance in Baidu index, attention is spent taller, relevant price is higher

The heat of 2 key word, it is general key word is a bit popular still perhaps exceed wait heat a moment popularly to jump over tall difficulty to treat dependency at the same time even greatly more, the industry type of key word, key word number is waited a moment

3. sees contest price rank the first of promotion price, if the price is higher, so corresponding optimize the value taller

4. analyses the competitor’s case, if before 10 competition are more intense, the rank is done harder, the price is higher

5. client website is analysed, the website that goes analysing a client according to a few standards is reasonable, altering is very big, if was not collected, or by K so relevant price is some higher

6. asks to finish time, if requirement time is shorter the price is higher, but not be you give me how many money, one day is breathed out with respect to what can do breathe out this to also need a few time

The client that 7. does Baidu or Google is like to do Baidu in home is more, but Baidu is done slower newlier should compare Google Google of otherwise of slow very multivalent squares formed by crossed lines is a few taller, if make price of two searches engine at the same time corresponding meeting is a few more favourable

8. client is special requirement, had better be the first, the client often is met so say the first following the price of the 10th is not you should breathe out otherwise of a price the 10th times of course

9. client element should see the understanding rate that the client optimizes to the website this, if the client compares acknowledge this SEO of course the value is better talk, can corresponding a few taller but not be baleful ask a price (civil / Yang Zhenqiu)