Affect 7 factors of website weight

1. website time

The time of website existence network is longer its weight is met relatively a few taller, each days are accumulated slowly and website weight is become.

2. domain name

What the domain name weight of Gov Edu ending compares other is a few taller, the individual outside making feels the dependency of domain name and key word also can affect weight, I have domain name of a Chinese before, GOOGLE collects ability 5 days key word is discharged went up the first page.

3. website content

A very old topic, engine of more the former all alone that start search just is met often patronage you stand, the weight of the website also is met taller and taller.

The stability of 4. space

The space also is the main factor that affects weight, how should the dimensional tourist with stable neither one browse your website, does search engine spider want again how capture?

The active of 5. website

The website often is not updated, not only do not leave tourist website weight to also be met lower and lower, so the website wants to often be updated, after even if be,be being collected editorial also go.

The sincere letter of 6. website is spent

The sincere letter of the website is spent is not to see PR be worth solely, read the content of your website even, should remember be being mixed more tourists are great communication, as far as possible the demand of contented tourists, the website that should know a success just does not rely on to search engine completely.

The link of 7. website

Link and content are the website optimizes medium the mainest job, no matter search the algorithm of engine how to change, link and content are the most important forever, wanting the value that knows a link is not IP, however of weight deliver, to searching engine character, one links the link to your website, was equivalent to increasing your popularity in the network. (