Affect 6 aspects that the website ranks in Baidu

1, the exterior link of the website

The individual feels this are the most important, if a website can be had at the same time a certain number of of high quality outside catenary, the website that makes those PR tall namely can become your link, so although your page does not have substantive content, the rank also is met very tall. I think, catenary quality is the main aspect that affects website rank outside.

2, the visit quantity of the site

If of a keyword among them result of a certain search, have result of clear over other search click a quantity, criterion the result that Baidu can think this result is user place likes, can click a quantity to adjust the search result that Baidu ranks according to this. If your station flow is large, baidu is collected to yours also meet fast a lot of. If for the rank, occasionally, going appropriately buying a few good flow also is I feasible think.

3, of the website update

Want to have good rank and retentive rank stability, so, regular it is very helpful that the ground goes updating a website, update nevertheless either pure duplicating is stickup can, should be sent however as far as possible some achieve content formerly or bogus achieves content formerly.

4, keyword density

If your station just was built before long, so suggest you want a keyword density to make strict control, of course, old station selects low issue high should not be very big. Should notice additionally a bit, even distributinging keyword should distributing to want more effective fruit in rank respect than concentration.

5, website space must be stabilized

I am using fictitious lead plane all the time now, before paragraph the restriction that because visited a quantity to exceed dimensional business,time has a website, dimensional business demur did not say to pass my space directly, bring about left and right sides of website a week to cannot be opened, discharge above of before to Baidu a few of the first page right key word also were dropped because of this 10 pages originally, very depressed. When so everybody does a website, must assure above all website space wants to stabilize, if be not stabilized, almost everyday cannot open, still want good rank, estimation will be very difficult. If have money, can oneself do stage server, not much of money can pick a better dimensional business, those who do not have money can use free space only.

6, the layout of the website

If the website is pure only,emphasize beautiful, insert picture or Flash in great quantities in the page, so what certainly will can cause a website occasionally is good-looking lumpish. Actually we can discover, a lot of Baidu rank very tall website, the page that he designs not very good-looking. The website wants do one’s best concise palpability, link administrative levels does not pass too much deep, endeavor not to use too much Table nest to wait.

Of course, the side that influence website ranks in Baidu is these not merely for certain, anyhow, close the quality of good website oneself, insist to do oneself thing, do the website that is helpful for a netizen truly, just be engine of search of base oneself upon is basic. (