Adult things station has good fortune extend an action for adult things website

Before paragraph the diagnostic case of time basically is give priority to with the website, change taste today, come of type of inn of a net: ) and be very yellow very violent adult things net!

Stationmaster quizs: This website was built have 2 months, I am not quite familiar to the website, this website is to spend Qian Long to get, I want to be in Baidu keyword: Adult things collects Qingdao to go in the first page. Another, because be to be the same as a city to trade more, the trouble asks how, ability is opened in Qingdao city famous spend, , push the friend that diagnoses the website to support a move please!

Nature’s mystery old person summed up the following:

One, optimize inside the station:

1, " <meta Name=keywords >

<meta Name=description> is added, at least can let search engine to identify quickly.

2, much graph face crosses inside the station, literal content is too little, bring about a keyword too little. Solve this problem, the proposal adds bit of experience board more piece, adult experience, use experience with the product (the implicative place that the article had better write, as to why below can tell. )

3, the store system with the means building a station of best use DIV + Css collects very helpful proposal to use bit better to searching engine, what their Seo respect handles is pretty good still.

4, the catenary outside making a point more is good let a spider climb you!

5, the skin that if use CMS to be able to choose a few reservation,nods, say I opened this honest website to close again, closed to leave again, hey, how saying also is to going to work, dare become aware feel embarrassed a bit. So I think a lot of people go to work or dare open your website in disorder not quite, because of purple!

Small stick person: Article department pushs to be achieved formerly, want to see more article ask a search to push, this copyright information is withheld please when reprinting.

2, website promotion:

1, if want to popularize,with respect to this station I looked, in the site still also need to look on the face in professional and concise dot, can let a client feel on the safe side more, this dispute often is necessary, after all what you buy again is not common articles for use! It is OK that this chooses a bit better Cms to choose a bit better skin next, spend 100 quick buck to ask a person to change Logo at most!

2, since you are the website that making sexual articles for use, my proposal is. You might as well the article that oneself write a few this respects, flat perhaps the intellectual sex site that builds this aspect " Qingdao sex teachs a net " , establish oneself openly figure, before a lot of moment shop, sell oneself first best!

3, achieve what you study about this respect formerly the article is released in a few forum, remember signing, but common forum to the gender this kind of article feels disgusted very much, oneself hold good cent to put, write down bit more implicatively!

4, the site that seeing you seem is Qingdao place is possible your current main client is Qingdao area, so you are completely OK mix in the big forum of Qingdao! Remember establishing openly figure, also can publish a few oneself the article about this respect, write down implicatively, do not write too much the thing of this respect, the person is very sensitive still now, some is flat treated when pornography! The address of oneself inn and name leave on his autograph! Actually the person is in forum or mix a person to enrage, talk about feeling, you were written to work in your autograph, others nature can look for you!

5, can arrive of Baidu a few stick on mix, it is pretty good to the development of whole website so! Still should remember a bit, bit more implicative, do not let others stick cutout when pornography! Feeling letting a person is really useful!

6, if aim,actually is place, can do to local newspaper write small ad, perhaps write what of bit of little soft article! Actually expensive also which be less than, also 500 the left and right sides, but the effect is very apparent. Still should feel embarrassed for a lot of people go hypostatic inn is bought, carry a network however!

7, this kinds of a bit website still does not want too eager for quick success and instant benefit, because want to consider not all user is so straight white! Emphasize, implicative, be implicative!

Above Seo and promotion are my a few immature views and analysis only, the hope can have the effect of cast a brick to attract jade-offer a few commonplace remarks by way of introduction so that others may come up with valuable opinions!