Adsense of the primary objective that achieve gain clicks Chinese analysis and optimize a proposal

Someone says, the bubble of Web2.0 is in undone. Techcrunch also published to commenting atrophicly about Internet advertisement today. This lets me clicked a state to generate interest to the Adsense of Chinese rich guest.

This article uses a possibility Adsense clicks a state to join other at the same time a few data of guest of two Chinese rich (inconvenience discloses) the Adsense that will survey Chinese rich customer roughly clicks a state, because data is finite, cannot accomplish comprehensive, but can pry one spot.

One, the income current situation of Chinese rich guest

I am in this problem in rich guest profitable means already bat around passes, although means is diversiform, but the income of Chinese rich guest of 90% above is done not have even rarely.

I heard many such speech:

Waited 2 years, I obtained Adsense eventually brushstroke on the west couplet remittance.

To leaving the rich settle or live in a strange place of 10% , their profitable great majority does not carry oneself rich passenger, perhaps say, they pass the conduct propaganda of oneself rich guest, go accepting a few items, or sell Reseller space is waited a moment.

If you want to rely on a Chinese only really,the primary objective that achieve gain maintains your maintenance, it is quite difficult to be afraid.

However, not be all Blogger hope to gain income from inside rich guest, the idea of most person is: Can have income best, also not was indifferent to.

I am such person, the guest that write rich more it is to abreact of expression desire.

2, Chinese achieves rich guest Adsense to click a state formerly

The sampling limits of these data was on Feburary 20 – on March 20, a month when be, analysing a tool is Google Analytics.

1, browser dependency

the person that click cent becomes two combination: The person that the person that IE is used and blame IE are used.

(1) IE

Gross income and IE click the curve of income:

Income comparing: IE_Income/All_InCome=90.64%

Click than: IE_Click/All_Click=94.07%

Reveal than: IE_Display/All_Display=82.18%

The hit compares: IE_Rate/All_Rate=113%

Reveal charge comparing 1000 times every: IE_ecpm/All_ecpm=111%

(2) blame IE

Gross income and Non_IE click the curve of income:

Other data and above complementary.

2, PV dependency

the person that browse cent is become browse a quantity integratedly to be more than 1 and be equal to two kinds 1.

Click relevant curve (part) :

Among them blue is all hits, green PV " 1, orange PV=1

Income comparing: PV=1_Income/All_InCome=64.80%

Click than: PV=1_Click/All_Click=68.38%

Reveal than: PV=1_Display/All_Display=58.61%

The hit compares: PV=1_Rate/All_Rate=117%

Reveal charge comparing 1000 times every: PV=1_ecpm/All_ecpm=111%

PV " the data of 1 and former and complementary.

3, click origin dependency

Cento Adsense clicks 5 number is highest reveal in origin:

4, the feature of the person that Adsense is clicked

(1) grow to lead with pay a return visit when the visit:

All person that visit and the data that are not the person that click still are included in the watch.

(2) visit deepness:

(3) browser:

Browser of the person that click distributings:

IE fractionize:

Be not browser of the person that click to distributing:

IE fractionize: