AdSense Chinese government: Derive with common heart look upon link

The 3rd when we link special subject series is derive about founding link, namely how does catenary go out. To most website administrator, derive the link is very natural business, do not need special attention. However, if although,you are opposite this simple but to the network it is the word that very main topic is interested in however, it is good that what we will introduce below derive link, what is bad derive link, answer what person of the same trade of administrator of a few websites puts forward to compare typical issue. Above all, let us from derive the link begins well. . . . . .

Dependency derives the link can help the visit person of your website high.

1, can provide a reader the more thorough information about relevant topic

2, provide a reader to living natural resources comment distinctly

Derive the link conduces to the reputation that builds you rationally.

1, show you had done a few research, have technical knowledge to this theme

2, the person that allow a visit is willing at pay a return visit your website to will coming with obtaining the more of the topic is analysed

3, establish a relationship with the expert of other sphere (be like, the rich customer that brings an user to be able to let you know other success to other website builds commerce to concern thereby)

Derive when treat of unfavorable when the case of the link, everybody should not surprised, but cause to avoid any bemused, we can demonstrate our point of view publicly.

Bad link: Unmanned managing (especially the user generates) link and the reliability that link of obscure advertisement paying fee can reduce your website.

1, overmuch link is contained to be able to make an user very bemused on an alone page (the link measure that we urge website administrator to be built on each page normally does not exceed 100)

2, your credit also can be damaged senior the person that visit often can feel to feel disgusted, and you are in the authority of search engine also can be reduced. If you accept those who pay fee to derive,link, had better use Rel=no Follow to these links yuan label or other way in order to ensure they won’t (to search engine) deliver PageRank. (you also should be met understanding, as an user, the faithfulness that we can ensure the website that our know the inside story counterpoises adequately to those to maintain us only normally is spent. )

3, the rubbish that can be without a meaning to those so leaves a message the ground with hiding. And, from the point of the angle that searchs engine, rubbish leaves a message to contact your website with those bad websites was in one case. Regard a website as the administrator, we suggest you are linked to what those users generate, the rich settle or live in a strange place that suffers network rubbish harrass likely for instance leaves a message this, increase Nofollow property () , otherwise, ask you to ensure these comments are in only publish with the ability after affirming through artificial examine and verify.

A card that consults Jason Morrison is published recently please " let rubbish leave a message the website that is far from you and user " , from the generation that prevents rubbish at the beginning.

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