Administrator of website of migratory cereal song teachs the website your optimal method

Core clew: Does the website that are you planning to be your change new domain name? Administrator of a lot of websites discovers this is a trival process really. Where is the expression in how doing ability not to affect a website search a result in Gu Ge after all?

You hope this is planted migratory to the user it is to be without those who be aware of ground happening, hope Gu Ge knows new page to should get same quality approbate with former website page at the same time. When you when migratory website, the 404 mistakes that those is fed up with hint (cannot find a document) can harm user experience not only, the website that still meets you searchs the expression in the result to bring negative effect in Gu Ge.

How is the article removed reliably a new domain name (for example from turn into / Cooking/recipes/chocolatecake.html) is not opposite link (be like / Recipes/chocolatecake.html) if.

5, to prevent promiscuous with the disorder, you had better continue the hold control to former website domain name attributive at least 180 days.

6, in adding your new website account of website manager tool, and you are opposite test and verify the droit of this website. Found and refer a Sitemap in order to show all URL of new website, such cereal songs can know you are new the content in the website is already usable now, can undertake capture to its.

7, finally, test and verify gets in tool of the member that ensure your new, old website manages in the website, check capture mistake regularly, ensure the 301 heavy directional jobs that come from old website are regular, also won’t show we do not think the 404 mistakes that see hint on new website at the same time.

We admit, migratory not be an easy thing but, these measure can help you ensure the good reputation of original website does not suffer lose in migratory process.