Administrator of website of cereal song Chinese: Sitemap common problem is solved

Ask: I referred map of a website, but my network address still is done not have by capture / index. is website map special set for this?
Answer: Refer map of a website to be able to help you ensure Google know the concerned URL on your site. It is particularly useful, the content that becomes you especially is not very easy when be being discovered by our reptile (for example the page can pass the visit that express sheet only) . But not be to say, we assure these network address will by capture or index. We use the information that gets from website map to enhance us at ordinary times crawl and discover a process.

Ask: If website map cannot help me,automatic capture is mixed index, what can map of a site do excuse me?
Answer: Website map offers information to understand your website in order to help us better for Google. This includes, ensure we know you all URL, when are they updated, newer frequency how, and their relative value. Additional, if you pass website manager tool to refer your website map, we can show information of a few statistic, for example the amount that the network address of your website is indexed.

Ask: Can site map help me receive better rank?
Answer: Website map does not affect the actual rank of your page. Of course, if it can help you obtain more website capture (the network address that because it let us know us,does not know before, and / the first step of the URL that perhaps helped us know your website) , this can make your website increases existence quantity and the number that are shown in our index. 17file.COM

Ask: If I install the first step of all pages,be 1, can you make them more preferential than others does class establish the rank that is the page of 0.8 taller (or by the speed of capture faster) ?
Answer: Won’t. No less than says in our help center institute, first step rank just shows specific network address to go up at your website relatively the importance of other network address, can not affect a webpage the rank in searching a result. If you all pages have same first step, this is equal to did not provide any first step information at you.

Ask: If all every metadata of URL (, wait) it is identical, if I do not know their metadata,perhaps be accurate, refer such website map to have value?
Answer: All if some is specific the value of label is right is in the URL in website map is same, do not have in your website map necessary include this ticket. Of course, included to also do not have harm, but it is mixed substantially submitting any information is same, because it cannot give help,distinguish your URL. If you do not decide whether your metadata is accurate (for example, you do not know a certain network address is in when by revise finally) , had better be to be those URL to skip this label, this is more likely than building merely inaccurate value is close friends.

Ask: I hear somebody referred map of a website, next his website is punished very quickly. Can website map have harm to you?
Answer: Become it only from very tall the ability when very tall place falls on your body meets: ) . A fun. the answer of 8 classics: If somebody referred a website,map hind was punished, this is pure belong to coincidence. Google never can refer map of a website because of you and punish you. 17file(com)

Ask: Do I put my website map over? Must be put below the root catalog of my website?
Answer: Not long ago, we opened website map to cross an area to hand over. That is to say, you can put your website map in anyplace, the website that wants you only passed test and verify of website manager tool. These websites include:

•Website map is in a website
•In those websites that are alluded in the URL in website map
Attention, the website map that crosses an area to refer may be only right Google is practicable, to other search engine may disable. Understanding more crosses an area to refer about website map.

Ask: My net canal built map of a website for my website, can I refer this website map only? I do not have a concept to XML.
Answer: For (it is HTML normally) and the website map that build is to help people browse your website. This and the XML website map that build to search engine are distinguishing. They are two useful, had better be two have. The website map on your region also is helpful to searching engine to find your content (because creeping program is met,abide is worn your link finds other page) . Nevertheless, the website map that if you refer map of website of a HTML to regard as,searchs engine, website manager tool will report a mistake, because page of a HTML is not ours,one can know pattern of other website map. Additional, if you found website of a XML, you can be offerred to us than HTML website map (it is one caboodle link merely) more data. Know the website map pattern that more supports about us. 17file(com)

Ask: Format of map of which kinds of website is best?
Answer: We recommend the agreement of XML website map that limits. XML website map facilitates be upgraded: You can conform to the principle of simplicity odd beginning (list only your URL) , but- – with map of text file website different- – after you can be in upgrade easily map of site of a XML, in order to include more metadata. In the meantime, the website map that XML website map also compares an Atom or RSS Feed refers is more comprehensive, because Feeds can list only normally you most the URL of the near future (is not all websites that you think to let search engine to know) .

Ask: If I have many network address to point to same content, I can indicate with my website map pair of this content my first selection URL?
Answer: Yes. Although we are unwarrantable,our algorithmic meeting shows this URL in searching a result, indicating in website map still is helpful to URL of this content first selection. When we are deciding to show which URL is in our search result, other signal considers our meeting along with together your first selection. Understanding is more the information about repeating content.

Ask: Is excuse me an URL in is the position in file of map of a website significant? Can the URL that is put in the file to begin compare the URL that is put in file rear to get better processing?
Answer: Not important, won’t.

Ask: If my website has many parts to comprise (the guest that be like rich, forum, and album) , I should refer map of a website only for whole website, still refer many websites map (a part a map) ?
Answer: Refer website map more or less to decide by you (at most these limitation) . Feel easy to maintenance pattern will organize them with you. If you found many websites map, you can use website map to index the file lists them entirely come. 17file.COM

If your problem looks for less than solution here, you can help discussion area find more problems and solution in our website map.