Acknowledgment Baidu gives me brought feeling

The article does not say a rank, the article does not say to collect, say the feeling of my typical SEOer only.

The feeling of SEOer can say to come from search engine completely, GOOGLE, YAHOO! Still have Baidu. What want to chat here is Baidu.

Baidu strengthened the quality examine and verify that collects a website recently, the rank of my website also does not know why to be dropped entirely did not have. Just beginning also is one brain complains, our rich guest is achieved completely formerly, not cogged do not have the dispute that says Baidu more, but rank or did not have.

Be away on official business in Beijing these days, a moment ago ate a meal to be bent in downstair stroll. The day is very blue, air is very fresh, gentle breeze is swaying the hair of far girl, elegant very beautiful. What I go is very slow, recalling the feeling since I am engaged in SEO, abrupt discovery, not! Should saying is to comprehend: Because have Baidu, just had my feeling so.

When be being written down so that net of Chinese of plum of bottle of first time gold enters Baidu home page, I take an expectation that dare not believe, check repeatedly instead see search result

The first is obtained in keyword Shanghai SEO when this rich guest when, my agitato delivers a bulletin of glad news to QQ online good friend in turn

See this rich customer when the home page that searchs SEO in Baidu that day, the surface I am very quiet, but the clinking joyance that there is a kind of results however in the heart

Those friends that had coached when me tell me, their website rises considerably in Baidu rank when, having in my heart clinking gratified

Want, what still have a lot of is very much, because had Baidu,be, just brought to me so many excitement, joyance and gratified, google, YAHOO! The sense that gives a person is insipid only.

Author: Kyw
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