Accomplish the link on others website

Thought yesterday originally cite case of SEO of a few black hats, can write inside the length of a normal post. But write a case, see space about the same. Although my individual forever won’t, cannot, not dare, use black hat or skill of grey cap SEO, and special also object SEO of black hat grey hat. But speak of black hat SEO to still hold out in high spirits. Look, the heart has everybody of do evil subconscious, just be depressed to come down by social part. Cannot do, say to also can pass strong interest in the mouth.

Introduce black hat SEO of course, not be to encourage anybody to do absolutely. Resemble all the time since those who say, I very oppose technique of black hat SEO, especially those technologies that are without artistic quality. Introduce, just make everybody much know a few various ways, also can prevent rise to a bait.

How to accomplish the link through not quite proper measure on others website?

A lot of SEO had seen somebody is black into others website, put the website that obscures a link to oneself to raise PR and rank. Nevertheless this is not black hat any more, however hacker. Have moral problem not only, still had legal problem.

Also somebody adopts other way, accomplish the link on others website. I had seen somebody establishs fictitious lead plane technically to serve a company, the price is very attractive, want to be able to call in only cost, sustain losses in business to go even. After having a client, put oneself link on the client’s website, it is to obscure a link normally. Because give priority to machine client website to be on his server, want to put what to put.

To avoid legal problem, such mainframe company is serving a provision possibly still inconspicuous place adds: Our company reserve the right of modification client webpage. Seek the client of fictitious lead plane, who can read service article seriously? Do not know to you can have inside 10 thousand people? Although do not break the law such doing, but quite mean also.

Still some people improve standard of one lower part again, either secretly put the link on website of lead plane client, offer free and fictitious main engine however, the condition is a client on the website that must offer catenary to receive mainframe company place to appoint. Such target website, it is PR value normally high blame profit organizes a website.

The United States and Europe have a few to be not gain organization, as a result of the character of its itself, the website can attract a lot of links. But the person of operation website does not know SEO or network sale, also do not have that interest. Somebody will sponsor, it is a favour to them, do not depend on sponsorring amount, be in a lot of places however, orgnaization of gain of contribution assistance blame is a kind of social conduct.

The website that gain of a few blame organizes, PR can be achieved 7, 8 and so on. The person that has bought a link knows, PR7, 8 even 9, how much is the charge of a month. Support a such leader, charge wants many low.

By the way, did not find PR to be worth tall blame gain organization in Singapore. If you have PR value to achieve the blame gain of 8 to organize a website, contact me please.

Some software providers also make black cap. The shopping car software that I had seen a certain not little still website is being used is in what him website adds in the program that the client downloads to obscure a link. The Powered By in the software opening a source such as this and WordPress and pattern plate a kind express gratitude link property is completely different. If open the person that source software writer asks clearly to use to withhold (visible) link, this is good link bait, if collect fees,shopping car is put secretly obscure a link, the client does not know completely, this is quite black.

Still did not say, say then again next time.