Accompany search engine to be born search sale has been optimized 14 carry

Search engine sale develops memorabilia

1994, the classification such as Yahoo, Lycos is born of catalog search engine in succession, search engine shows network sale value, the thought that searchs engine sale begins to appear.

1995, the software that refers search engine automatically is born, search engine sale intelligence to change, soon after, a lot of search engine begin to reject to log onto the information that software submits automatically.

1995-1996 year, the search engine technology that label of the META in be based on webpage HTML code retrieves is born. This searchs the serious content that the technology that uses META label to improve the rank in searching engine makes search engine sale very quickly namely what engine optimizes a method is budding.

1997, all alone engine optimizes search to detect automatically with the rank software comes out, network sale personnel can formulate the strategy of search engine sale of specific aim accordingly.

1998, search engine algorithm begins to pay close attention to a website exterior link, was born the website links range (Link Popularity) concept.

2000, appear by click pay fee (the mode of advertisement of search engine keyword of Pay-per-click) (Overture) , search engine advertisement is born.

2001, the catalog of partial Chinese classification such as Sohu begins to collect fees login, the website logins to want every year to pay hundreds yuan of fee that differs to thousands of yuan, sale of engine of search paying fee begins to move toward the mainstream.

The half an year after 2002, in neap of network advertisement market, growth of market of advertisement of search engine keyword is driving, occupy 2002 15% of network advertisement market, search engine drives whole network economy to anabiosis.

2003, appear the search engine advertisement that is based on content fixed position (Google AdSense)

2004, search engine leads Internet economy tide in the round, search indexes the value that props up sale is accepted generally by the enterprise.

The historical search engine that search engine optimizes is optimized (SEO) is not a technology that appears suddenly, prop up synchronous development to rise with search index however, although both relation cannot say the concern that is lance and aegis, but OK and affirmative is, because have SEO,just make search engine technique can become more perfect.