Accelerate Baidu to search engine to be collected to what stand newly with 6 method

Most nearly ceaselessly stationmaster friend asks about an identical topic, why is the website collected? , after the website has been built, the first thing that encounter is this problem, I believe most stationmaster has such experience, here sums up a few methods that issue here to everybody.

1, refer search engine, this is relatively simple, did not define.

2, commutative friendship link, e.g. chain connecting plate of each friendly catenary space of big forum, friendship piece wait, if you want to have resource, very convenient, stand newly to search harder possibly otherwise.

3, oneself create exterior link, for example, build the guest of a few rich, text that releases link of a few text that take anchor oneself. Link of good sign one’s name is kept in forum, hair post, with stick.

4, website content should be achieved formerly, have the law everyday insist to achieve content newlier formerly, what notice caption is written certainly here is former achieve, in the search in Baidu, won’t same title appears for optimal.

5, use Baidu product to attract Baidu spider, stick for example, know, sending the link on the belt when post, apply for Baidu alliance, collect to Baidu also have profit, do not prevent an attempt.

6, use a few outside catenary tool, for instance, baidu is collected, QQ bookmark, Yahoo is collected, net of chain of network favorite, center, open a way, Ai Rui net, it is good place, but should notice one is spent, ham by K, thed loss outweights the gain.

7, in front after 6 paces were done, in can seeing a daily record, the crawl of the spider was recorded, if Http state code has 200, so congratulation you, your website has been indexed by Baidu. Remember having pay can have get one’s own back. (