About the state of mind of SEO and purpose

Waited for in forum have paragraph of time, from osculatory SEO to now also half an year, what although still not be,understand is too much, but, saw the understanding of a lot of people to SEO, feel deviate direction, and most fundamental principle.

I this article does not promote technical thing, talk about confabulate condition with everybody only, make the state of mind of the station, make the state of mind of sale, make the state of mind that the user experiences, make the state of mind of perfect union of website sale dot and SEO.

1.Make the state of mind of the station

Make the original intention of the station, everybody is different for certain, some purpose sexes are very strong, some is very pure. For instance: It is for what make money, play play, of the experiment. . . Should hear SEO this noun when, everybody thinks it is to increase website flow, bring the optimal kind of benefit. Right, SEO can accomplish these. Then, some people of leave no stone unturned use some of technology method, with the method of gossip, drive oneself station wildly, like be like a slave owner to treat his slave, desperately urge driving, no matter whether it has effort,advanced.

The analogy of this slave and slave owner, although,I think bad, but very objective reflected the attitude that a few stationmaster make a station now.

A newcome is servile (new station) , had not eaten a meal (without content) , did not take necessary tool even (the perfect) of function and structure, by the slave owner (partial stationmaster) arrive go working in cropland (go doing discharge and rank and advertisement alliance) , for slave can faster work these, faster make crops long give fruit (money and interest) , get profit. He desperately eat to slave some- – rubbish and dirty leftover (collect the newer) with aimless dependency in great quantities, no matter be opposite,this servile body is affected how. Bring good reputation to give his, to mask oneself deformed, he was put on to slave look be like very good appearance (allied advertisement, play window) , the essence that will mask oneself to exploit (the substaintial) that rubbish stands. When a slave is flat (by K or by harmonious) , he won’t have any feelings even (do a rubbish to stand anyway not laborious) , because rely on this servile effort, the thing that had seen and got he wants (discharge translate into clicks advertisement to expend) .

Everybody thinks, so make a station, appropriate really? If the fact above is contrary, so, you got besides it is a health and devotion slave (website) , still harvested fructification (the benefit) that the website brings, and fame is very good (the visit) of the weight that searchs engine and high quality.

Above, can you choose what kind of?

2.The state of mind of sale

It doesn’t matter says more, regard oneself as a consumer, will consume the product that you should extend, what you think is uncomfortable it is an user the experience is bad, you think you do not need, namely purpose sex and disentomb the method of potential client is no good. Other, go experiencing with this identity, the sense that uses oneself goes examining the thing that oneself should do, this is the basiccest, the simplest, also be the validdest idea that realizes user experience!

The state of mind that 3. user experiences

According to the state of mind of sale, ceaseless in practice fumble, know the current affairs all round and policy, understand the consumptive habit of crowd of current main trend, careful is bit more beautiful, demand, use rule, psychology, all round union specific resource (person and content) , repass Internet augment, will achieve a goal.

Remind everybody, the user experiences not be page layout and style only is beautiful and beautiful, more if why be done in limited space,be—Dot and the union that website content popularizes mix your sale to be promoted each other, achieve the goal that you need thereby.

The highest state that the user experiences, it is the station that the user can popularize you actively, the station that likes you very much (regard your station as like having a meal important) , can extraordinary credit your station, the very can active thing that goes consuming you to popularize. This is highest SEM and sale of electronic business affairs!

4. sale orders the union with SEO

Above, said many, this part serves as summary. Above all, you want to know, you make this station, what is the purpose? What thing to do? Sell a dot to be in? What is there absorbing? Characteristic? The crowd that may consume? Consume the life circumstance of the crowd, the investigation of the use circumstance to this kind of product next according to these, decide the module of your website, the implementation method of module, how to write, how framework. Next the lane of specific aim some and promote the article related the product (have your distinguishing feature certainly, for instance shoe, li Ning perhaps is able to bear or endure of the gram, brand – you distinguish the thing) at other and congener product.

Said hastily some, wrong place asks authority point out mistakes so that they can be corrected, have what more and better idea, consider to fall together. Author: SEOWHY closes thunder QQ56770978