About the problem of webpage sort

My website home page was collected, but name of CMS search website does not discharge the first however, how to do?

Answer: Sort algorithm is very complex. Our target, depend on be being improved through algorithm namely, allow an user with the smallest cost, search the information of a need. Still can have in this process various the place that is like person meaning very much. We are met special reception the bewilderment that you encounter you and problem, feedback gives us. Our engineer, can have to each problem dog meticulously and analyse, with period will solve finally. On the right side of the search casing of lower part of page of Baidu search result, have with Baidu the dialog is linked, you can refer your question over, improve in order to assist us.

We are improving search algorithm all the time, in order to make the search result of Baidu more the search requirement that accords with an user.

Search some keyword, the sort that my webpage searchs a result in Baidu website construction is short-term inside change is acuteness, is this normal?

Answer: Normally the circumstance falls, this is normal change. Generally speaking, 3 kinds of reasons cause sort happening change:

A. Your webpage that specific keyword involves produced change

B. The other webpage that specific keyword involves produced change

C. The sort algorithm of Baidu produced change

Search some keyword, my webpage is in the sort position of Baidu, with the sort position in other search engine, difference is very big, is this normal?

Answer: Normally the circumstance falls, this is normal phenomenon. Because different search brings the algorithm that prop up, it is different.

The website that I ask a few SEO to be me or the webpage is done optimize, what consequence can you have?

Answer: Reasonable search engine is optimized, refer to the gives head of a station guideline building a station of Baidu.

The outside is very much the company that calling SEO banner or individual, the enterprise that may be you builds station website to bring short-term sort profit, but, this meeting makes you will face bigger losing risk. After you give others website resource entrust, a lot of SEO can use your resource to have the operation project of their individual even, the increase that causes you finally is damaged.

Because,do not want SEO people the following view, and adventure their website resign to they deal with at will:

A. The person of I and Baidu is very ripe, want how to work, do not have a risk

B. I am search engine expert, as clear as day to the algorithm of Baidu, play play with fire to also never mind

C. I do these Xxx, Yyy, Zzz keywords the first, so I am Niu Ren