About the observation that algorithm of near future Google updates greatly

Before paragraph time a few friends (SEO) seeks advice Google is big in updating, adjust algorithmicly, because the job concerns to be written without time all the time,come out, can make a bit eventually today rested, will technically talk situation that Google replaces greatly:

Gu Ge (the website that Google) announced to searching result page to go up late on July 30, 2007 will show additional data no longer (Supplemental Results) label, this namely Google start that updates greatly, will talk below this second a few updated keys, share reference in order to offer SEOer and Webmaster:

1, the indication that cancels additional data:

After Gu Ge will announce to cancel additional data on July 30, the following day all page complement material disappear in the SERP page in Google, but cancelling additional data is not to say these pages to escape to come out or say from additional data database it is additional data database nonexistent, additional data database and normal index database are mutual independence, that is to say of the page of these additional data or existence, still put in interior of additional data database, but behave outside following normal page is one some appearance, the working difficulty of such SEO was increased, a few SEO may be passed adjust exterior link, strengthen wait for gimmick newlier to make additional data page escapes additional data database, now very won’t intuitionistic look issueing put oneself in another’s position is what page.

So how SEOer discovers the additional data page of own site? Zac also has been released in dot stone in front, right use: Site: ? Li?com/

See not hard / Tool and the link on its had been put into additional data database, front time observation also is, this page optimizes rich to searching engine is an alone page for the guest, namely the link Gu island that we often say, the site points to this page without the link of a few pages, so this page dropped additional data database to also do not pass normally again.

Some stationmaster are put in such fluky psychology, after the likelihood thinks Google cancels additional data, oneself site page collects amount to be able to increase substantially, this is wrong, not be complete purify, just did not show come, nevertheless this gives SEO however people increased working difficulty.

2, Google PageRank is about to update

Link quality will have firmer demand, this can drop with respect to the PR that means a lot of sites, come according to time computative, the newer meeting of this second PR is in left and right sides of the middle ten days of a month will undertake in August (basic it is 3 months left and right sides begins to update) , because Google is put in a lot of databases, update not be synchronism so, what can update in certain place that is to say is some slower, same even it is different that the PR that sees in different place is worth a site, notice close observation, above Google Tool Bar green piece, if be in refresh page when occurrence wave motion, this is Google Page Rank was being updated.

3, the page collects numerary change

As a result of additional data cancelling to bring a page to collect addition opinion is not actual, the page that can see you now collects amount and did not increase substantially. Amount is collected to adjust this in the page, google adjusted the index to dynamic webpage, so those websites that use dynamic technology collect an amount to be able to have bigger change, at the same time Mutt Cutts divulges in the webpage URL was used in underline (- ) the website is collected also can change accordingly.

4, the change that the keyword ranks

The influence weight that PR ranks to key word will be lower and lower, this is the need that avoids Spam, additional high quality, the site with good stability still can get the welcome of Google, so these stationmaster people need not worry. Specific PR has how old effect to key word rank, how much to adjust, after this second PR is updated good-bye outcome.