About the individual view of website keyword and page keyword

I think the keyword should be divided for website keyword and page key word, do not know people makes a way this kind.

Website keyword is the summary of the content of a website, tell others you what to this website does.

Page key word is the summary of the content of a page, tell others you what to this page makes.

Generally speaking website key word includes webpage keyword. Website keyword and webpage keyword are OK and identical OK also and different. This him need is experienced. The key word e.g. a website is SEO, so whole website can undertake building around this key word. The webpage inside the website divides different area again, e.g. Heibei, so can a webpage is key word with Heibei SEO. (hey hey ~ ) very apparent SEO and Heibei SEO are not a keyword.

The key word that what often hear previously is a website had better not exceed 4. This thinks with respect to what make a lot of people wrong the more than 4 rank that won’t have had. But the fact is not such. A website and a webpage can have many key word. But key word is more it is more difficult that you are done. Search engine did not restrict your webpage to become how many key word. It also won’t understand the what key word that you become. The key word that writes inside the page and description just give search engine an information. What do e.g. my website is Heibei SEO this is crucial. The introduction that searchs what engine will see me website gives it namely the content inside Description and Keywords. He understood my website has these information SEO basically, heibei SEO, the website is optimized (what he sees the possibility is not these I just make a figure of speech) , when he begins to examine my station, meet advertent these content. Of course all content that he can record a webpage. The station that it can record me the frequency that these content appear, and webpage content and these information dependency. The website that comes to me is evaluated, and give every webpage an opinion. The opinion is better namely the weight that we say is taller. I think this is why Baidu doesn’t allude the reason of key word, because should have a description only enough.

Comprehended this is me, but will prove without practice. But a webpage can have many key word is MOON of group leader of our test group has relevant example. (Mr. MOON fastens angry ~ ) .

The dependency of the page content that mentions here perhaps has a few people to be able to pay no attention to solution. Take a the simplest metaphor, my station does Heibei SEO this key word, if appear to do not have a bit relation with SEO inside me, it is the thing of a few medical treatment, shopping and so on, but SEO of a few Heibei was added inside. Although the key word density of the Heibei SEO of this webpage is more appropriate. But you the content of this webpage is no use to your key word, so the rank that it won’t have had certainly. This even oneself understand, what I explain the possibility is a bit wrong.

Basically SEO worker people regard search engine as a special user exists, but what search engine should do is regard oneself as most prevailing also most the most special user, it can stand between ace and dish bird, major and amateur to consider. This is short I am listening to the word to have a place at odds. But still have stated reason.

Above is a bit fallacy of the individual, give advice or comments please.

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