About SEO medium competitor is analysed

Core clew: After knowing the value that analyses a competitor, we still need to understand the content that needs an analysis clearly, and analytic measure, the later period that analyses data is arranged, optimize through analysing data to find cut a point, make optimize plan, flow, and task target, executive time.

The competitor analyses partial content to arrange:

1, fundamental part

Domain name history

Information of domain name Whois

2, Rank part




3, collect a part

Baidu collects an amount

Google collects an amount

Yahoo collects an amount

Other search engine collects an amount

4, website whole

Inside catenary structure

Outside catenary amount, composition

Keyword rank

The website updates frequency

Catalog structure

5, page part

Webpage code

Webpage static state is changed




6, content portion

Achieve content formerly

Reprint content

7, search engine expression

Update frequency

Collect efficiency

Imitate spider capture

The website of the website that understands oneself through analysing content dot to be able to help us and competitor is searching the expression of engine, and how does the competitor’s website work, knew the advantage of oneself website and inferior position at the same time, make reasonable search engine optimize plan for the client. (.cn/blog/ )