About searching the technology of engine and concept

The article cites first a few words:

1. dismisses the idea of the user truly, cut those who return an user to need.

2. portal website is thinking is how be economical, is not how beautiful money will buy a technology.

3. search engine is not the field that everybody can make, entered threshold is higher.

4. is outstanding only insufficient still, best means is accomplish a thing acme. (google10 big truth)

5. does a search engine need is dedicated discharge the business of the 4th to, the portal is accomplished very hard dedicated.

6. user cannot describe him to want what to look for, unless let him,see the thing that wants to search.

7.Alleged wedge, it is actually pour trigonometry, pour three-cornered delegate of most advanced part searchs a technology, mid it is the product application platform that is based on a technology, most go up end is right the understanding of culture of crowd of user of whole search engine and understanding, and modern corporation competition is the most crucial also most the alleged brand of ascertain adventitious. Another meaning that wedge contains is: Chock should be hit in the wall, most advanced keen very important, but of chock ruinous have many strong, can give how old space in metope extruding after all, among them of end, back end composed with massiness just be crucial.

The technology that searchs engine and concept are need time and experience accumulate

Need long-term and ceaseless perfect progress more, do not think to be able to be accomplished in one move absolutely, the search engine that should reach an opposite maturity to precede needs commonly from the cycle that begins to precede is 4 years. Anxious must not. Because search engine is too complex,the reason is, and the user cannot describe him to want what to look for, unless let him,see the thing that wants to search. Everything needs to fumble, attempt, the problem needs to be solved one by one, the need of the user gets the mining of little.

Searching engine is a product, offer the product of the service to the user

The ceaseless improvement with long-term need upgrades adjust ability to carry an user continually to experience, need satisfies the change that the user grows ceaselessly and metabolic demand, need gets used to a network ceaselessly. Because network environment is ceaseless,this is of change, the netizen’s demand also is constant change. Must not regard the search as the project will do, finished put down lets an user use that then you did not make fun of for certain. All alone in search engine domain is to say an experience, new engine if once user experience has on whole banner the difference of a year of above and last 2 years, the advantage of the precede person of that early days alls gone, the user move cost that because search indexes,props up is relative and character is lower and public praise is first-rate transmission way. If one searchs engine cannot continual technical innovation concept innovates, that is equal to death to this search engine. What we describe search engine commonly is banner be with time calculative. For instance: Search leaves × of Baidu whole difference in year, the integral difference × that Baidu leaves Google year, the lead dominant position that wants you to be able to maintain on user experience one year only lasts 2 years, do not need hype, everything is thick as hail. Before user experience, any hype appears very insignificant.

Make perpendicular search engine, although spadger is small, but completely of the five internal organs.

What doesn’t the wedge theory that no matter concept culture, product management, application, technology is mixed,searchs engine have to distinguish. Want to had done one perpendicular search to must solve these a few respects so.

Cuneate needle: Perpendicular search technology.

Main component is perpendicular search technology two administrative levels: Pattern plate class and webpage library class.

Pattern plate class is to be aimed at a webpage to undertake pattern plate set generates the means of pattern plate automatically perhaps to smoke access to occupy, also be the collection of specific aim to the collection of the webpage, suit dimensions cause of smaller, information is little and steady demand, the advantage is to be carried out quickly, cost low, flexibility is strong, defect is later period maintains cost tall, news source and information content are small. Webpage library class is namely on news source amount, the capacity retrieves to go up on data capacity, the requirement that level of engine of webpage library search is on stability dependability, with pattern plate means the biggest distinction is right specific webpage is not depended on, can gather information into information in the light of aleatoric and normal webpage draw-out. This brings about capacity of data of this kind of means to go up to have qualitative distinction with pattern plate means, but its flexibility poor, cost is high. Of course the means of pattern plate means and webpage library class is not contrary, this is both all alone be mutual for engine to perpendicular search additional, because the technology is a method only, the purpose is to cut those who turn over an user to need. The technology of article refer basically is to show webpage library level is perpendicular search engine technology.

Searching engine is a taller to technical requirement application really, the relevant person with ability a few years ago is less also. Search technology qualified personnel is much now, the application of relevant technology and technology is gotten opposite before more mature, but competition is more intense also.

Perpendicular search needs the following technology roughly:

1.Information collects a technology

2.Webpage information is draw-out technology

3.The processing technology of information, include: Repeat identify, repeat identify, get together kind, quite, analysis, corpora analysis

4.Language meaning dependency is analysed



Information collects a technology, perpendicular search indexes the Spider photograph that props up Spider and webpage library is compared should be more professional, but custom-built change. Can decide tropism collect the webpage of webpage oversight irrelvant related to perpendicular search limits and needless webpage, related choice content and the webpage deepness that suits to do further processing is preferential collect, the adjustment that has a choice to the page updates frequency, collect can be versed in through the person set network address and means of webpage analysis Url undertake jointly.