About searching 5 of engine simple and main types

  About searching engine

Search engine had taken the netizen’s life, want you to get online only everyday, so more or less metropolis bring into contact with it. Perhaps be passive, than 114; Active perhaps, for instance you used Baidu, Yahoo, Gu Ge implicative perhaps, for instance you used MSN, what there is Live Search inside is integrated. Everybody indexes to search the view that prop up can differ, but it cuts the verity life that takes into us really really.

   Search the type of engine

Current search engine, its search range faces whole Internet. That is to say, the search range of these Web pages that search engine is very big.

The enterprise searchs engine, this does not belong to Internet category, because its search target is all sorts of systems of enterprise content, for instance CRM, ERP, SAP is waited a moment. These information were not made public to Internet, but to the enterprise these information dispute are important medium.

Perpendicular search, its search range faces certain industry. For instance the search of to apply for a job, travel search, business chance search, search that make friend is waited a moment.

Socialization search, its search range also faces current search engine. Add up to through getting together or the result of many searches engine, in proper order will compare right, provide an user more refined search result.

Yuan the interpreter that the search is Meta Search, this is share from the technology, its data origin also is to come from search engine, perhaps undertake conformity with certain information through providing certain function.

Exceeding a search is super search, can regard it as in light of socialization search.

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