About search index props up working principle

Full text searchs engine

In part of search engine classification we had mentioned full text to search engine to extract information to establish the concept of webpage database from the website.

Fixed search

The cent of function of automatic information collect that searchs engine is planted. One kind is fixed search, namely every other period of time (for instance Google is commonly 28 days) , search engine expedites spider process actively, undertake retrieval to the website inside limits of certain IP address, once discover new website, it can extract the information of the website and network address automatically to join its database.

Refer website search

Another kind is to refer website search, namely website owner refers network address actively to search engine, it is inside proper time (2 days differ to a few months) directional expedite spider process to your website, scanning your website stocks concerned information the database, in order to have the user inquires. Because search engine to index regulation produced very big change in recent years, refer network address actively not to make sure your website can enter search engine database, because this current and best method is to acquire a few exterior links more, engine of all alone letting search has more to the opportunity finds you and collect your website automatically.

When the user searchs information with the keyword, search engine can undertake searching for in the database, if find the website with conform to of user requirement content, use special algorithm normally according to the keyword in the webpage match rate, occurrence position / frequency second, those who link the computation such as quality to give each webpage is relevant degree reach rank order and degree, spend on any account according to correlation next, these webpages by order the link returns an user

Catalog index

With full text search engine photograph is compared, catalog index has a lot of different place.

Above all, search engine belongs to automatic website to retrieve, and catalog index depends on manual operation completely.

After the user refers a website, catalog edits personnel to be able to browse your website personally, edit the subjective impression of personnel even according to a judge level that decides oneself next, whether does the decision admit your website.

Next, when search engine collects a website, want website itself to did not violate the regulation that concern only, can log onto a success commonly.

And catalog index is gotten high to the requirement of the website much, although login for many times,also do not succeed surely sometimes. Resemble Yahoo especially! Such super index, it is more difficult to login. (because log onto Yahoo! difficulty is the greatest, and it is the ground that businessman network sale contends for surely, the skill that so we can use special length introduction to log onto Yahoo Yahoo at the back) . In addition, when entry search engine, we need not consider the classified issue of the website commonly, and when entry catalog indexes, must put the website in a the most appropriate catalog (Directory) .

The extraction of information

Finally, the concerned information of each website in searching engine is collected automatically from inside user webpage, so the angle of the user looks, we have more own right; And catalog index asks that he must fill in additionally by hand website information, and still have various restriction. Have more very person, if the staff member thinks information of the list that you submit a website, website is improper, he can undertake adjustment to its at any time, won’t discuss with you of course beforehand.

Catalog index, just as its name implies deposits website classify ground namely in corresponding catalog, because this user is when inquiry information, optional choose keyword is searched, also can chase a layer to search by classified catalog. If be searched with the keyword, returned result is propped up with search index same, also be according to information correlation degree arranges a website, just its go-between wants many a little bit for the element. If press statified catalog is searched, the rank of the website in some catalog is by caption abecedarian is decided orderly early or late (also have exception) .

Current, search engine and catalog index have the tendency that mutual confluence permeates.

So a few dinkum full text search engine to also offer catalog to search now, if Google uses Open Directory list,offer classified inquiry. And elephantine Yahoo! Index of these old brand catalog search engine collaboration to enlarge search limits through waiting with Google. In acquiescent search mode falls, a few catalog kind what search engine returns above all is the website that matchs in him catalog, wait like domestic Sohu, sina, Netease; And of additionally a few acquiesce is webpage search, be like Yahoo.

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