About a few results of the SEO respect of WordPress

SEO is each stationmaster all the time people popular topic, proper SEO can bring a lot of discharge for the website, this also is of pursuit of numerous center institute! And how to undertake to WordPress SEO is optimized, rain talks about him to be in below a few results of respect of customer of perfect wallpaper rich (discharge of perfect now wallpaper is not actually much also, also with respect to 400IP/day, do not distain so little flow first – _-# , I also go without beautiful time SEO my rich guest, because of what? Because bull-puncher is very busy)

The bullshit that Rain begins below (result of pure individual experience, fear having good taste)

1, the key word with right choice, that key word competes either the flow with can be brought very strong and constant for you! (Say here do not choose too strong because rank me,be you compete very hard so that win big website, for example the most handsome Baidu, your search Baidu, all of the first page is Baidu, or of QQ and so on, hold as to measure and him choice, the person that has a head wants to reach)

2, optimize keyword rank

Method one: The keyword that uses you undertakes leaving a message in other rich guest, for example perfect wallpaper mixes my rich guest abstruse technology, when other rich guest leaves a message, be it is user name with Rain, because caption of guest of perfect wallpaper rich is Rain reason,the platoon is in the first page, and abstruse although technical rich guest is basic the keyword that does not have what Rain, and the word that caption also does not have Rain, but still can discharge the 2nd page in Baidu. (The amount that this shows to the keyword ranks the catenary outside following is concerned, much of course likelihood by K)

Method 2: Caption includes a keyword and the rank that adds a keyword to be able to optimize you in keyword description! And the keyword is influential in the position of caption and accident, had better be one is hit!

3, use SEO plug-in unit, use SEO plug-in unit can let optimize get twice the result with half the effort!

Below introduce a few Rain simply to compare commonly used SEO plug-in unit:

(1)Alinks is one increases this inside the effective tool of the link! Can the keyword link address that oneself define system of whole rich guest and description!

(2)Simple Tags is the label of the article in system of whole rich guest express in order to link literal form! Increase inside a of catenary good method!

(3)Google XML Sitemap builds the Sitemap of your rich guest to refer Google stationmaster tool, be helpful for Google collect!

(4) All In One SEO Pack is professional SEO plug-in unit this, can oneself define article caption, and keyword, description, still have a lot of a lot of, very won’t complex, its more useful function is OK the caption that oneself define an article again, and it is article caption comes ahead of schedule before rich guest caption, be helpful for an article so collect!

4, use what Ping accelerates your article to collect rate and efficiency!

Enter WordPress tiring-room, in the setting compose is updated inside, add location of one go to the fields:

It is quotative content below:


/ Ping/RPC2

/ RPC2

/ Rpc/ping

/ Rss/ping

/ Rpc/server.php

/ Xmlrpc/ping.php

/ Api/RPC2

/ RPC2

/ Rpc2.php


/ Rpc/ping

/ Ping/

Such becoming when you already released a text, WordPress searchs engine with respect to can automatic announcement, the article collects faster also more effective fruit!

5, use Mod_rewrite to have bogus static state, take out Php or? Date, the standard file of instead Html links an address! Had tried to use AReal-Html–Cache before the lead plane Rain that does not support Mod_rewrite this plug-in unit has come true, quite pretty good, everybody can look!

Above is my a few self-righteous opinion, the likelihood has the place of careless omission, after all oneself do not have serious dug SEO, ask everybody to give advice or comments more so! Thank!

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