Abandon searching what engine disables to collect, dedicated and popular key word

Say the SEO of big station above all, people is normally right in the SEO of big station, have 2 o’clock want:
The a bitth it is key word (commonly used key word) amount, hope to there are more key words in the website, what do the content of the webpage and META as far as possible is different;
searching engine to collect an amount mediumly namely at 2 o’clock, hope more collecting webpage; Think the webpage is much, always have individual can be gone to by search!
And in the SEO of big station, a lot of people keep away from to go in the light of individual and popular key word PK is optimized! Optimized interior to come to an end! And netizens everyday the key word be in the majority with popular or commonly used search, the key word with rare search comparatives quite little! So we can keep away from how popular key word! ?

Go discharging a few popular key word

It is normally before SEO, want to choose key word, key word separates a side, it is the key word in website content on one hand; It is to hope the user passes what key word to come over on the other hand;

Had these key word, we are optimized with respect to what can have one share to the webpage;

For example I have SEO GOOGLE SEO of Baidu of key word SEO now;

The first my webpage says SEO, so we hope the user is when search SEO of course, nod this webpage; When so interiorly is optimized, we distributing in the webpage reasonably quite normally SEO this key word, if SEO is added in TITLE, SEO is added in each part of META such key word, and add to SEO in the webpage thick, the key word of the proper SEO that increase a point
Manage together, the 2nd, 3 webpages also are made likewise

What can such result be? What webpage interior optimizes is too good really, and key word is too much, make in the light of single key word without method optimize! And center all force to go namely to the main course of action of single key word SEO this one key word, and the range is too wide, what we concern key word feebly! And the webpage that big station has countless, key word is again much, much without the webpage also, such meetings have many webpage to repeat! We cannot choose where wanting a platoon!
I arrive here is a proposal:
Above all such in-house making, but we still should be here the one fraction key word with edge quite little choosing goes and others PK, center all force to be discharged one by one; How to concentrate power, here does not discuss!
Additional, abandon partial webpage, here abandoning is not to be not made optimize, be optimized in-housely or should make; If I have the webpage of million, we hope he collects million of course, but actual either such, if collect 10 thousand only in this million, so I hope to collect 10 thousand main of course, but these 10 thousand, must be netizens often of search, and it is the webpage that netizens think to look! Such, I can center all force to discharge these 10 thousand webpages up! PK must go if a platoon goes up,PK reason is individual keyword, discharge can be like water of Tao Tao river!

There is a data to be able to show the effect of popular key word to website discharge here: A key word of this my BLOG, normal circumstance leaves this key word, come over about everyday 1500IP, highest nearly 10 thousand IP a day, today is 5000IP, this also is the reason that my BLOG often cannot visit, because the join number of IIS is overmuch, my BLOG can die, BLOG has the fictitious leader of 50M only!

Collect me effective!
Collect much, good of course, but when viewing data, must understand is: Google received 100 webpages, a day of discharge that come over is 100IP, but not be to collect my webpage of 10 million, one day comes over the IP of 10 million!
In SEO, if hope to collect many a little bit, we can think way, the content that lets a webpage is different, for this target, sometimes we still can allow regular user not quite bright! And, the structure of our effort is geographical website, what hope spider climbs is comfortable! Because we know collecting is discharge!

Collected meeting how! ?
1, after collecting, can calculate of a few webpages inside catenary and outside the amount of catenary! Partial PR can be delivered, be not being carried is GOOGLE, actually Baidu interior also has similar thing!
2, after collecting, want the risk that assumed webpage invalidation!
3, collect likely discharge comes over!

But: The another computation element of search engine is not looked down upon, leave the time that searchs engine namely! Leaving search engine is in search when a key word, click the webpage that other did not nod again after your link, if do not have those who nod other, so showing this webpage is the result height with the search is relevant! So does user point come over to see what he wants information? This different website has differred, but must understand a bit: GOOGLE especially Baidu is large-scale after collecting a webpage, it is to have those who release cycle, for example the webpage that Baidu is collecting you 1 number in great quantities, in the index that he just can appear after connecting regular meeting to be in about 7 days! If the sex of effectiveness for a given period of time of the webpage is stronger, user point comes over to get online basically the page does not have what good to him! In the long run, such collecting implementation does not have what effect to the website, namely we often say, do not keep a person! Do not stay, what do I want this discharge to work? I put his couplet in the advertisement in the webpage to won’t glance, won’t nod more!

So, to this part webpage, we were not necessary to be optimized too much, arrange its nature may betterer! Do not go to collect a such page more vigorously!

Above 2 o’clock is individual viewpoint, do not represent correct!