A website is punished so

Feburary 22, a card in Google Groups aroused the interest of a lot of people. The caption of the card is: Google drops 60 penalty. Have most dramatic is not this website affirms by penalty, the reason that punishs however from the website advocate the representative of flatter oneself is hijacked (Proxy Hijack) , be discovered drag in gives one pile thing.

(by the way, edition of Google Groups Chinese just is released. )

This is a British website that sells furniture, stationmaster discovers his website is punished, google rank drops 40-60, he thinks the reason is the representative is hijacked. (the representative hijacks the webpage content that shows someone else shows him through acting server, held the rank position that ought attribute him)

Matt Cutts replies inside Google Groups rarely. This nevertheless Matt Cutts delivered a return Feburary 23, ask stationmaster has the factitious method that establishs retrorse link. If have, should special attention.

Matt still cited a case designedly, have assistance WordPress pattern plate? After because sponsor pattern plate,when these brought link is detected, PR and voting weight are met by take out, so the likelihood causes website rank to drop.

Tell the truth, this reply lets my filled with apprehension. If sponsor the design copyright link inside WordPress pattern plate to be able to bring about a website to be punished, so mean can pile a link to competitor assistance, eliminate a competitor next.

Sponsor pattern plate and oneself to design pattern plate to offer other to use of course, still having delicate distinction. Assistance is meant paid fee, become link paying fee. But if this is the reason that is punished, what how Google knows pattern plate is assistance do oneself still design? Know impossibly.

This reply of Matt Cutts, let me notice to see this card all the time. The development later shows a design or itself of assistance WordPress pattern plate is not a problem.

The pattern plate that place of website of this England furniture sponsors, it is to was used to be on pornographic website more very. Matt Cutts gave out very specific example:

As discuss, this website also is discovered to have a forum, there is content of a lot of rubbishes inside forum. Station advocate is apologetically, forum gets control not completely. The autograph of the member reachs insider data page, a lot of people stay pornographic website to link, he also does not have method. The observation before me is, if forum deletes these things that have a problem carelessly, can harm oneself website. After all you cannot say to do not have control completely to forum. Nevertheless this also is not main reason.

JohnMu of another Google employee delivered a return Feburary 27, remind that stationmaster besides clear oneself forum, also should clear the rubbish comment that this stationmaster takes in guest of other forum rich and news website. These rubbish comments are some, I agree, I do not agree, very, such, is everybody very familiar? What the name stays is a keyword of course. Anyhow is typical rubbish comment.

Look Matt Cutts and JohnMu conversation are more implicative, the dot arrives to stop namely. The comment of JohnMu lets me realize, actual condition is afraid what profess with this stationmaster is complete is not one and the same. Check looks up the retrorse link of this station, discover forum of similar rubbish rich guest is commented on, have big big:

At the same time I discover a few are card of guest of rich paying fee likely very, for instance this:

The cause that suspects its are card paying fee is, this rich guest talks about Acousticon a little while, say a little while enlighten Si Ni Eden, say USB hard disk a little while, recommend British furniture website again a little while, do not have a theme completely, who doesn’t endure. And comment on without what, also treat this rich customer without what person apparently.

This is a website be punished roughly process.

Classics regular meeting sees a few stationmaster complain in forum, oneself website is innocent was punished. Young scrutiny goes down, consider to be punished website, often can discover and this case very the circumstance of close. Stationmaster feels is the station that others hijacks him, nevertheless stationmaster forgot to carry unluckily have link paying fee, also forgot to carry once was in others there hair rubbish link, still forgot to carry have card of Fu Feibo’s guest. Anyhow, all doubtful SEO technique forgot to carry. Check again, did not have definitely it is not strange also to conceal a character.

Do appropriately actually do SEO, leave guest of a few rich what to comment on, not affect the whole. But if these in the thing of the brim complete going that use,go up, it is innocent that you say very hard apologetically.