A few what SEO project needs to hold

1, SEO needs a good strategy

The SEO strategy that can say every site place is made is different, because of the internal cause of the site, exterior expression (the expression in searching engine, site statistic) the economic actual strength that still has a company, staff technology deploys a circumstance to differ somewhat, the type of the site is different, phase of SEO project plan needs to undertake dimensions does not wait these a moment together. Before undertaking strategy is made again, should do above all project feasibility is analysed, project economy invests a budget, project technology deserves to wait for the job than the analysis, must say these meet those who affect SEO strategy to make, why don’t a lot of SEO understand SEO project to quote is the meeting so tall? I think these 3 phase come down to be able to give client portion satisfactory exam paper, a few SEOer often also need not be in maple forest here seeks advice from quote, say clearly, the standard is not here, also do not want what to hold to steal bit of classics here later, explore chooses the plan of the thing.

A good strategy is those who make good SEO item is good and germinant, flow is such SEO company offers group of earlier draft client to examine and approve expert group (organize a few course of study wife person)

Examine and approve a result to have two kinds, here expresses simply with F and T.

Should examine and approve forms for reporting statistics to show F, mean this draft to need to be repaired again edit, return redo.

Should examine and approve forms for reporting statistics to show T, mean can undertake first of the case make, project proceed.

No matter be T or F, expert group should give at corresponding examination opinion, autograph affix one’s seal, can carry out in the project at the same time in remove joint liability.

2, SEO needs to had held a good measure

Often someone can say SEO is very simple, of course most out the mouth of a few novices, current condition, the understanding with black cat OK and simple SEO links group of hair for rubbish, discovery is very much join ticket now lazy revise, do SEO project not to need to visit client station even, do not need to employ any tools, want a client to the station perhaps has a page only with respect to Ok, when a few spy (do not know over there the dog of A cat A that come kind SEO serves a company) secretly classics when total meeting shows a lot of sth gives the trick out, they can ask such-and-such word how many money, babyish, very funny problem. Had made a few items only (white cat) later just can experience do SEO to have how hardships, key word rank also is not so simple rubbish link, won’t abiding, I believe the link of Google analyses ability to still have the capacity that turns over cogged panel member.

Additional, a few white cats also encountered the problem that seals a station, saying is gimmick reasonable, but ability visitting a station knows, appear commonly the reason of the circumstance that seals a station is measure did not hold good, if all SEO strategy general use to a station, so Ied am sorry, die surely undoubted, the assurance of measure is to rely on experience to perhaps rely on an experiment partly greatly very, many, the SEO project of all sorts of types is operated, ability can have bit of feel after many SEO experiment.

3, skilled work of SEO rude meritorious service

SEO is a very time-consuming job, after some strategy are carried out, we do not have a law very short time observes the effect, after only search engine is updated (even for many times) ability sees the effect, this is one of difficulty that undertake the client teachs the job. Additional as whiter than rising as black cat cat people can have a place here inferior, the work efficiency that must admit black cat is quite tall, because be pure machine exercise, of whole intelligence run, big batch automation line operates mode, this bit of white cat people must admit defeat. Come from responsible to the client angle nevertheless will, white cat can be good say a point. The common sense that if the client has a little,nods SEO is good, proposal hour goes Link. See these short-term, doing efficiency to rank come from where.

We can say so directly when knowing black cat is doing SEO to the client this kind of gimmick links group of hair namely, hair rubbish leaves a message, can get a rank quickly, but rank can abiding did not assure, additionally Google feels disgusted very much these gimmick, can be depilated by Google we also do not assure, if shift to an earlier date to had explained these when doing SEO to the company, if they are done even, that does not have a word here, that is done, the client may be the bargain of such understanding, such.

White cat SEO, take key word for, this is most expend the job of time and energy, some key word need time of half an year even, but the practice that we can publicize us to the client absolutely, whats to do, how do, can ask any SEO to go test and verify, which which not up to specification, meet in the heart at least calm dot.

Rude meritorious service can understand so, SEO is a need slowly go doing, cannot impatient; Where is skilled work? What SEO should do is careful (fine right even the writing of the article, of paragraph decorate have requirement) , delicate, do not leave a mark.

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