A few what new station is collected to need to notice by Baidu ahead of schedule

Explain above all, my novice, what what say is not certain completely correct, but still have a few reasons, because of the closest be seized by a whim, did a new station Fzl63.com, make main trend of a few blame east, still hope to get everybody’s support later!

Return to the subject, baidu collects a new station now is 15 days probably, longer perhaps, want to let Baidu collect you, besides maintain outside often be being updated, very important did not have certain action to collect namely at 1 o’clock!

A few everybody compares the problem of easy oversight below main attention, I believe, baidu spider can climb you to stand!

1.Repeat refer

Many people say referred time has been jumped over more more, actually this is incorrect, you refer search to all alone engine has known you, had remembered you, just sometimes because too busy handle you without time, do not have that is to say human relations manage everywhere you. The intelligence of all alone engine changes present search to had risen a lot of, submit a domain name already enough. Still have very person make a webpage be referred, this is complete not was necessary.

2.Concealment link

Such link is commonly: (1) and general webpage character use same feature, for instance color, same style (2) hides the link at transparent picture inside (3) general about a hundred very consummate 1000 links hide in a little picture.

Some moment are used concealment the link is to do not affect a webpage to view and admire a gender, not be intended so. And search engine does not like this kind of way very much. If need to rise the content series connection of the webpage very much, had better make map of a website.

3.Duplicate webpage and mirror webpage

The website that search index is propped up and their person that use does not hope content is duplicate is occupational the search result of the keyword. Accordingly, present search engine is in when discovering many websites release same letter box, show only among them a result is in search engine. Some websites make personnel make a website to obtain more Google advertisement to expend, duplicate one transfer to a lower level is on other leader, such with respect to grow in quantity the page of the website, obtain show a number more also. But, search engine makes this kind of phenomenon little happen as far as possible. Search engine has patent technology to discern what webpage is duplicate, duplicate perhaps mirror page. Yahoo and Google are grasped have the technical patent that identifies duplicate webpage. The patent technology of Google is OK still even the one part that appraisal gives the content in a webpage is the webpage with bigger another.

4.Domain name bomb

A few novices often register N the domain name thought to have N website, although the actual website of these domain names does not have what content, all perhaps domain name points to same address, among them one is made give priority to a station, of other stand as cent, cent station often has only a few a few pages, have more very person it is these the domain name submits classified list more, achieve the goal that establishs a link to popularity is spent and draw discharge thereby. Those who search engine to be aimed at domain name bomb is illegal collect only namely advocate domain name, namely advocate station. If the situation is special serious, advocate station page can be sealed.

5.Domain name camouflage

This is in China very general, it is so called application a few free spaces, oneself make a station, buy a top class domain name to do again turn to a link. The website looks very not professional, and once free service business no longer, website page no longer, or it is very difficult that the website moves, many free spaces are his custom-built pattern plate. The way is simple and this kind is cheap, but have a lot of and adverse state. The biggest drawback is a search engine has two domain names illegally and puzzle. The result that such causing is, search index props up a likelihood and won’t collect independent domain name in the database, collect Xxx.xxx.com of final network address however and this network address appears in search result again. If this network address obtained rank of a few searches, and free service business no longer perhaps did not change, this network address is nonexistent, the rank that has obtained disappeared suddenly.

6.Change direction

Without doubt, a few person that turn to the other side to be visited arrive at new webpage quickly very useful. Again on Internet, change direction mostly more reasonable. However, a few change direction to be used illegally, pornographic network address is for instance commonly used this attract discharge illegally from common network address, turn to true webpage to use this to change direction next, a stationmaster can rank very good webpage to serve as bridge, attract visit amount, the person that force these visits next transmits another network address, page of this person that cheated a visit illegally not only cheated search engine. Accordingly, searching engine is to this practice 0 patient.

What search index props up pair of Http301 is permanent change direction without the problem. Search engine is general will permanent the address after changing direction is collected, is not the old address before changing direction.

7.Rich guest is polluted

A few stationmaster discover, can send often in the comment of rich guest website post, bury links the website that arrives at his inside. This practice tries to pollute rich guest to increase a link to the amount of own website. This kind of behavior is to want to search engine mockingly the judge to linking quality, the challenge searchs the algorithm that engine perfects ceaselessly, accordingly, want to be given by search engine detective only, the website can be alled alone by search engine is deleted.

8.Link farm

Linking a farm is to point to devoid valuable the webpage of information, this webpage station is enumerate besides the person outside the link that each points to other station, few perhaps without other content content. This practice is to enrage not only search engine, and although be built,also be very time-consuming, how not be to one’s profit.