A few points that the website optimizes

The website is optimized is every stationmaster Bi Jingzhi road, design the website Degejia accord with search engine level only, ability can obtain higher rank, such ability can obtain more discharge.

1, search the domain name related key word, had better choose a few simple good write down the domain name of dependency.

2, the column with the content corresponding definition with website core and column navigation

3, publish a few content related to the column according to website column

4, the server that has a stability, not corrupt petty gain buys server of a few rubbish, lest often cannot be opened

5, relevant keyword length end is analysed when releasing content, relevant keyword length end reasonable accretion arrives in content, in all sorts of nets are being released to pick casually after releasing content

6, the website uses whole static state, pattern plate uses Div+css construction to accord with W3 webpage standard, index letting search is propped up better capture

7, want careful friendship link, do not exchange a link with the website of a few penalty that be propped up by search index, after calculating exchange to link, often also should examine be punished by search engine

8, make map of a piece of XML or RSS, facilitating search causes the capture that props up pair of website content, if your program does not have this kind of function, you can look for the software that makes a map to the net

9, the caption that should notice you does not grow to also do not want load one’s writing with fancy phrases too, should assure caption around the theme every page has different caption and Meta

10, the website often should update relevant content, it is collect oneself also should edit, all alone engine takes search seriously to be achieved formerly more and more now, pure collection times had gone

11, put leave a message board see tourists what need, according to the demand of the user, revise, add, increase user experience

12, the website should be designed beautiful and easy, put a few pictures, Flash, video less as far as possible

13, do not use all sorts of group hair software, use group of hair software to be equal to the suicide almost, reasonable promotion just is kingcraft (Youkuk.cn)