A few individual views that Baidu optimizes

We know Baidu regards the whole world as the biggest Chinese search engine now, having decisive value to most stationmaster. But optimize to Baidu, I think a lot of stationmaster had had such experience: Looked at the keyword that oneself optimize to go up in the rank of Baidu, had not waited sit firm, blink, whole station disappeared from Baidu. Regretted to this time head of a station, but some stationmaster want to be illogical very much, why I am done not have cogged, be given to seal by Baidu however?

What I should explain to you here is, so called cogged, do not have specific provision to each big search engine, calculate your key word to did not appear that is to say, they also can say you are cogged. This bit is unquestionable, because we are free users, rights and interests does not get ensuring. Have a lot of center so or Seo lover had to give such point of view: Always popular keyword, once you discharge those who be in front, mean the inevitable hour not far! Really such? At least my individual does not think so
The reason is very simple, if once a website is in,popular keyword domain obtains good rank to be sealed, so everybody does not wish to discharge advanced face, at the same time such Baidu see a front cover, which stationmaster still supports Baidu?

Optimize to Baidu, I think to should notice the following respects appear with avoiding as far as possible the circumstance above

The keyword does not repeat 2 times inside 1 Title above, original this 2 can change 3, but I think for insurance for the purpose of, had better not exceed 2 times

2 pictures do not repeat above 2 times in Alt annotate

The Keywords part inside 3 Meta label also is, do not appear 2 times the keyword of above repeats, and can relax to the description a bit, do not repeat 3 times

4 do not want to emphasize a keyword too much exceeding above 3 times in text part, the emphasis here is to point to with thick substance, marked color, good-sized font; Anyhow is conspicuous place

5 not overmuch use <h> label, when using H1 label at the same time, avoid to use thick system as far as possible, the other such as diagonal stresses font way

Because see on the net a lot of friends are asking illicit take how to optimize, cite a case so here with this:

We are taken with legend illicit as the keyword, if you are above all,the place that rise appears the following and similar: Legend illicit is taken, open legend illicit newly to take, legend illicit is taken land implement, legend illicit is taken outside hang etc, although you are possible,those who optimize is a few among them keywords, but should contain legend illicit to take this keyword only, so appear the sort of circumstance above is thought very likely cogged drop to K, take in legend illicit when you especially when be being discharged weller inside the search.

Of course above those who say is not absolutely, because waiting for a keyword like Mp3, Mba not quite accept the obligation above, that is to say to serving as a keyword with the letter, can loosen a few, but ten million attention is not added in picture Alt too multiple answer, be about otherwise by K.

If you had been done, calculating you is you are discharged in popular keyword domain the first, also won’t by K, artificial of course element wants antiforeign.