8 years the solid station of experience analyses those who search engine to optimize

Oneself are university of Xi’an science and technology a when be about to graduate big 4 students, do a website high together, remembering what use at that time still is Oriental webpage king, with notebook to now modification code makes a station probably 8 years, did not go all the time what major learns, it is oneself fumble come out, before paragraph time is helping a colleague do search engine to optimize, spent 2 hours to be done roughly some adjust, before effect comparing was not optimized, be close friends a lot of, below oneself from the website each respect illustrate:

(Why should 1) undertake the website is optimized?

The website optimizes the inevitable demand that has made network sale run strategy. If be in an enterprise to propose the basic idea that the website did not reflect to optimize in the station, rise generally in sale level today gain competitive advantage very hard. If you perhaps are building a new station, optimal circumstance is the basic idea that will optimize in concoctive phase in blending in a webpage to devise plan, carry out in building a course carry out. Can let so new issuance station begins operation from high starting point directly, can improve the result of operation greatly, also saved a website to optimize transformed expense.

(The meaning incorporate that 2) website optimizes a design is in what respect:

<1> for the angle from the user, pass a website optimize a design, the user can be browsed conveniently.

<2> from be based on search engine to popularize angle for, optimize a design to make search engine OK and great capture is basic information, when retrieving through searching engine when the user, the information that the enterprise expects can appear in good place, make the user can discover concerned message and arouse interest, click search result thereby and achieve take further information, till become true customer

For the point of view that <3> defends from operation, safeguard personnel to be able to undertake administrative maintenance conveniently to the website, be helpful for all sorts of sale method application, and can accumulate valuable sale resource, because pass the enterprise website that optimizes a design only,ability has sale to direct truly, ability and sale strategy are consistent.

From afore-mentioned is opposite the website optimizes design meaning to understand to also can see, optimizing a design to be not is to search engine to optimize only, searching engine to optimize is the website optimizes the one part in the design only, its core remains pair of users optimize, because this should hold to an user,direct and not be to search engine to direct.

(Is 3) website structure optimized basically have those a few shares to include?

<1> navigation structure is optimized

The optimize principle of navigation structure is not just those who want pair of people is alternant and friendly, must satisfy what prop up with search index to communicate at the same time trouble-free, the structure of outstanding navigation will be OK guide an user to do more businesses on the website, be like: Read, learn, seek advice, shop. . All these builds the system that there is good navigation in the website, let an user can be in spellbound when enter any the position, in progressively and clear thinking when find wanted content, after building certain trustful base he can understand the product of the website. The purpose that navigation structure optimizes should let an user be in namely proper when can do the business that wants do.

<2> content structure is optimized

Content is optimized also is a when website structure optimizes serious content. How to reveal a website to have content, what content should mention website home page to reveal, what trival content need area is wraparound change reveal, what content can return to navigation. These are the jobs that content structure optimizes. Normally content arrangement notices a few principles and pattern: The content promotion that the promotes home page to reveal attention of area piece user as far as possible together then content with newer faster frequency promotes home page to reveal light body to become industry authority atmosphere shows to home page conventional sex is chronic content as far as possible navigation is attributive content of functional sex business as far as possible, have long-term practice operation)

<3> business framework is optimized

Business framework is optimized basically is the business function according to the website, the business fixed position business the website flows etc make development of sex of a few functions and user correlation sex.