8 when stationmaster knows to be aimed at Baidu and Google surely optimal optimize means

From begin to prepare to construct the website arrives in the operation process of the website, cannot leave friendly to searching engine spent consideration, if stationmaster is done that according to below 8 one measure, what can realize pair of Baidu and Google is optimal optimize.

1, content

Before registering network address should first collect the content of at least 100 pages, these content must be valuable, the content that does not violate copyright.

Build the webpage of a 1000 words of 500 ~ everyday, your important key word must be contained inside this webpage of course, if do not want to give key word to come, can use the tool of key word proposal of Yahoo

Want to produce page of a substantial everyday. Long-term for, it is the implied meaning that has a theme of course more effective, reduce individual article, too short article to wait a moment as far as possible, the end that and ask notes you a group of things with common features group, write some of thing that they can have fun at to be put on the website.

The writing key of the article: The content, word that rent body, break the travel, reader reading that breaks travel, brief sentence to still a lot of dash can let you so in great quantities very fast.

If your website has content, be discovered more easily, be written easily by person discovery the article is recommended, be written easily civil recommend, be added easily to divide by search engine, come down to have bigger gain of course all the way so.

2, website design

To search engine, they cannot see the Flash in the website, Java Applet and Javascript, the word that also cannot see be written in your graph archives, go up in website design so, as long as as far as possible concise and advantageous, make content OK well appear, it is the Seo website page of a success.

3, key word density and key word set the position

Take out your key word, in following 6 places use each:

* caption

* Meta label

Key word of * thick substance (draw up namely your key word, add him next thick)

Key word of * inclined body (draw up namely your key word, next him inclined body)

On * page half (webpage content compares the place in front, I am to suggest to use a title, resembling is H1)

4, link

Exterior link: Each content page should be linked one, of 2 this key word " famous big station " , those who want an attention is the means of the link, should draw up first your key word, link this key word this platform directly again.

In-house link: The likelihood has a lot of kinds content inside your website, decide congener content is linked each other please, and not congener content must not be linked each other. The page that discusses provision for example is linked please tell fruity page such.

Why to want such making? The in-house link of congener content can make the PageRank of Google mutual in your webpage deliver, if you make maximize to individual webpage only, the situation that possible meeting produces is, before there is the rank of a few a few pages to be able to be gone to only in the website, but if become the word of very in-house link, the rank that can let every webpage forth.

You want 50 webpages to be able to bring a caller everyday, still have a webpage only, bring 50 caller everyday? Former organic still meeting can try hard, latter should increase again should its limit just is opposite.