8 principles of rich guest SEO

According to below these 8 simple principles, your rich guest can get very good SEO (search engine is optimized) .

1, include in the domain name advocate keyword

The first thing of SEO, ensure to you are contained to think optimized keyword in the URL address of your rich guest namely, let a domain name include a keyword to be able to accomplish this.

For example, you want to do to coach the website of HTML knowledge, you think the keyword that includes in URL is HTML, so choose a similar domain name.

If do not have top class domain name, you can use a keyword in 2 grade domain name, for example / Htmlhelp.

2, thematic statement is contained in article caption

If your thematic word is Html and Help, want to let Html and Help appear in article caption, H1 caption and H2 caption.

3, less important keyword is included in article content

If you want to let your less important keyword be alled alone by search engine is found, often should appear in article content so these keywords. The keyword in a webpage repeats reasonably appear, can be searched engine to welcome. .

But do not want exceeding to repeat identical keyword, google spider can discover this kind of circumstance, likely delete your website from inside index library.

4, the keyword is used in linking a character

When you catenary receives others, or when oneself rich guest, the keyword is used in linking a character. The keyword appearing in the link is better than appearing in the effect in common content.

5, the website that lets search a spider to visit you easily

Let navigation appear on all webpages. All webpage link is nice, in order to facilitate search spider crawls.

6, from other rich retrorse link is acquired over there the guest

You want as far as possible get retrorse link, this can raise the Rank cost of your rich guest. Retrorse link is more, your Technorati authority is spent taller, your rich guest has name more.

How to acquire retrorse link?

Obtain high quality connective the first thing, refer your rich guest and RSS Feed to search engine and catalog website namely. The catalog that is down a face now refers rich customer. / Rss/top55/
With the theme similar rich settle or live in a strange place exchanges a link, can help you build circle of a communication.
A good literary works discovered on others rich guest, link it generously, you will acquire retrorse link.
Go up to leave a message reasonably in other rich guest, will help you acquire retrorse link.

7, often update

Use the principle above to renew rich a person engaged in some particular pursuit hard, your rich guest will be in short-term inside raise a rank.

8, keep consistent

Once you begin to keep rich customer, want to insist to use a domain name, change a domain name to be able to lose a lot of discharge and old reader.

Should stand fast as far as possible the theme that oneself pay close attention to. If be the topic of concerned pet, discuss machine not suddenly, otherwise you can lose discharge.

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