8 phase search engine to optimize periodic arrangement of the job

This chapter will generalize the basic circuit that SEO operates actually with the briefest language. Specific issue individually paragraphic all have discuss, each paragraphic content series connection rises now.

One, build a website

Can begin to make a webpage after you decide the theme of the website.

1. decides caption for every webpage: Compose caption uses dapper written language as far as possible, the caption of every page should be different and mirror this page actual content.

2. Key word should contain in caption: Key word occurrence frequency wants proper. Unfavorable key word of load one’s writing with fancy phrases is in in caption.

3. Use label appropriately, searching engine technology is the thinking habit in imitate person. Key character, paragraph, should special label.

4. Reduce weight to the webpage, raise a webpage to download speed.

2, with handclasp of search engine first time

Website construction is finished backward the website that searchs engine to refer you directly, talk from experience to need to be referred to the engine of 3 big searches of the mainstream only about Chinese website can. And the foreign language website that faces each country to differ, you still need to search engine to refer to local mainstream.

3, outside catenary construction

As a new website, was not being searched exterior link is being sought before engine is collected is difficulty by the mainstream especially. And establish friendship link with relevant website carry out it is more difficult to rise. So, want wide arteries and veins driving a person as Seo worker, attention at ordinary times accumulate. Still can refer to other and congener website nevertheless, although become power,only 10% is control.

The website that oneself need commonly before 1. refers friendship to link does good friend affection to link first, write a letter to indicate his intention next.

2. long-unseen spider (log)

Want to had made the habit that reads server log regularly. Observe the crawl of reptile program is used to, record has crawled important webpage, frequency of statistical crawl webpage.

3. Collect, natural rank

Right now your website had searched engine to collect, statistic of Seo worker need gives the mainstream to search engine individually collect an amount, so that be the same as for a short while every week,undertake comparing is opposite. On the base that collects an amount in statistic, analyse those webpages to was not collected, and for the reason that is collected.

4, right already the catenary outside some and the website of the catenary outside was not being built potentially are evaluated

Observe whether the website that has established two-way link is indexed prop up penalty by search. Observe whether the website that has established two-way link often updates content. The website that observation has established two-way link whether link of buying and selling. Undertake making component integratedly for these websites, undertake deleting linking handling to unqualified website. In the meantime, want to search as tall as your website theme dependency website ceaselessly, establish a link actively with them.

5, the article that updates you

Do quality of content of good oneself website. Often be updated or add new webpage, what and encourage achieve formerly is brand-new article.

6, analytic discharge log

Dog discharge log analysis brings discharge to the website by the gather of those keywords, with time analyse those keyword ranks did not reach the designated position, perhaps appear the rank glides. Still the record is the same as the rank of domain adversary website in main keyword, analyse his actor bad reason, the inadequacy of compensatory oneself website.

7, build Ppc (Pay-For-Performance: Pay fee by outstanding achievement) keyword list

The keyword that did not reach the designated position to the rank generally speaking builds Ppc keyword list. Build what PPC serves to land a page, to the search engine serves business to apply for Ppc to serve.

8, analytic ROI(invests return rate)

ROI is to use the efficiency that evaluates an enterprise to run capital fund. In the how many money that be told popularly on operation even if spends in PPC, the money that passes expenditure can earn a how many money. This is the basic original intention that files PPC service. The value that redound of keyword of strict examine and verify produces, delete invalid keyword at any time, replace keyword list.