7 of webpage keyword density common problems

The search cites one of bases that prop up a rank, it is the dependency of keyword and webpage.

Machine algorithm and person’s different place is the meaning that the person can understand a word directly, the meaning of the article, machine and algorithm cannot understand. The person sees those who point to these two words know the apple is that round circle, have the quite delicious thing of water, search engine cannot understand from sensibility however.

But search engine can master the relation between the word, this is analysed to semantics with respect to drag in.

Engine of the search two years ago optimizes industry very enthusiastic had talked about a potential semantics to index (Latent Semantic Indexing) . Because time is longer, be being written down also is not very clear, introduce probably.

Alleged and potential semantics indexes those who point to is, how to find out the relation between the vocabulary through huge document. Appear in in great quantities when two words or a group of words same when a documentation is medium, semantics can be considered as between these words relevant.

Cite a case, these two words are in computer and computer when people writes an article, often mix with, these two words appear at the same time in many webpage, search engine can think these two words are very semantic and relevant.

Those who want an attention is, potential semantics indexes and do not rely on a language, although one is English,so SEO and search engine are optimized, one is Chinese, but these two words appear in identical webpage in great quantities, what be although search engine to still cannot know to search what engine is optimized or SEO points to,, but can go up from semantics however " SEO " , " search engine is optimized " , " Search Engine Optimization " , " SEM " wait for a word closely be together repeatedly.

Again for instance the apple is mixed orange these two words, also be to appear in identical documentation in great quantities, do not cross tight ness rating under synonym.

Search engine uses potential semantics to index, do not have final conclusion up to now, because search engine both neither,admit to also be not denied. But a fact was 2002 Google bought the Allied Semantic of a company that owns patent of potential and semantic index.

Technology of this kind of semantic analysis can give us to optimize on a few clew in search engine.

   The formation of website theme

The website with logic and normally proper structure can be divided into different channel or column. Some distinction are talked about in different channel but close together and relevant topic, these topics form the theme of the website jointly. Search engine is collecting the page of whole website after going in, can give the theme of the website according to judgement is being spent related the semantics between these thematic words.

   Webpage content is composed

From begin two years ago, search engine rank has an appearance, search a certain keyword, the platoon is in the keyword that relies on the webpage in front not to contain a search even sometimes, this is potential semantics likely very index is in effective.

Search computer for instance, the webpage that discharges advanced face appears likely one mentions the computer to did not mention computer however only. Because search engine,knowing these two words through semantic analysis is close together and relevant.

Returning those who one wants to notice is, when undertaking the webpage is composed, do not want keyword of target of bureau be confined to, should include with advocate keyword semantics is relevant the vocabulary of close, in order to support advocate keyword.

This also has in searching a result reflect, although a large number of some articles occurrence advocate keyword, but lack the other words and phrases that prop up, rank often bad.

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