7 kinds add the simple method that the website links

Some SEO are optimized in the website the biggest obstacle nothing is more… than is come up against to link construction in the process, charles summed up a few simple to add the method that the website links, the hope is helpful to a few novices.

One, the retrorse link with popular keyword nicer rank.

Usually, super and popular keyword ranks better website to besides familiar portal special SEO undertakes linking building, the retrorse link through searching them can have good results. Of course, retrorse link of the competitor is worth to pay close attention to more.

Example: Wow Gold ranks the website of before 3 in Google, observe to Yahoo its are linked reversely. The station besides its oneself group outside the link, still can share very much greatly partly. Of course the rubbish link inside this is many also, want to undertake filtration!

2, be good at applying Google Hack command integratedly to undertake searching.

Want hep Intitle, inurl, intext, site, double quote, minus sign – , the usage such as Filetype. Example: 1) rich guest Intitle: ? ⒉ ? ; 2) Robots.txt Disallow: Filetype:tXt (tiring-room prohibits the catalog of capture or address)

3, undertake searching according to diagnostic noun.

Rich guest construction is a lot of SEO are accepted the simplest the most significant link builds one of kind, some people use Bo Kequn to build, some person handiwork are registered add. Certain feature word can dog to undertake rootle in this process, be like: A certain person registers user name idiomatically; Certain and specific program label. Example: 1) rich guest Inurl:wIlliamlong; 2) register Intitle:pOwered By

4, Dofollow rich guest leaves a message search.

A Dofollow that tells links inquiry.

5, site map refers community to change RSS reader in.

Once I had told a net to pick promotion is one of main website promotion way, actually Feed is referred more practical. In wanting to do your site content a Sitemap.xml that can update to refer main Feed only, can have many retrorse link.

Example: Will / Rss.xml file is referred in Bloglines. (note: Google Reader cannot share a link through Ajax technology of short duration)

6, certain and free share platform.

A long time ago free homepage space is very valuable very popular also, can apply the more advanced free and own system that build a station and content to share now.

Example: Google Pages; Google Notebook is shared etc.

7, forum autograph.

This kind of method is very old, still have a lot of people very much doing, the result should be right also.

Example: Mercantile forum of Alibaba has a lot of people to sign through forum undertaking the website is linked popularizing reaching additive.

Expostulatory finally, link construction is not infatuated, want to be good at digging oneself potential, attracting others to link your website actively just is crucial.